An excellent excuse for cake

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The editors at Mills and Boon love the final changes that I have added to book 4 for the Romance Line!

HURRAH!  Book 4 sold.

I cannot say more since I do not have a title or publication date yet, but I think it is okay to give you a few sneak clues to the setting [ hint – not the UK LOL. I do love flamingos]

This one has taken a while to complete the revisions, so lots of learning experiences to incorporate in the future books.

Upward and onwards – with mini choc muffins and gallons of tea of course.

Have a good one.

14 thoughts on “An excellent excuse for cake

  1. COngrats. Going by the flamingoes, I would say South of France in the Camargue. I think it is Rhone wine they do there. Absolutely wonderful place.
    Failing that, then Chile as they do have flamingoes and vineyards there.

  2. Thank you Judy. I have now scoffed four mini choc muffins washed down with scalding tea.
    NICE! and yes, the location is fab. of course I don’t mention the monster mosquitoes which are totally evil who live in this area and will happily eat you alive – not very romantic! LOL

  3. Thank you Caroline. The heroine in this book has a lot of resonance for me, so I am delighted that the revisions went okay.

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