Autumn colours

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I love this time in autumn when the leaves start changing colour and the landscape is transformed.

I saw the same thing in the Ionian in the autumn when the bright hot colours of the spring wild flowers are replaced by wild cyclamen and yellow autumn crocus as well as the garden flowers in full bloom on stone walls in the olive groves. Swallowtail butterflies were everywhere.


paxos garden blooms


paxos colourwild cyclamen


paxos wild crocus

2 thoughts on “Autumn colours

  1. Autumn is my favourite season, Nina – that’s a good British autumn, with crisp days and changing foliage.

    However, I’m usually in southern Spain through autumn, so we have Hibiscus and Lantana in our Spanish garden, just like in your first two pix. I call the Lantana our rhubarb and custard bush. Plus our Bird of Paradise is just coming into bloom again.

    I guess I can live with that!

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