Bah humbug and Happiness

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I can understand the idea of creating goals for the coming 12 months – and beyond- using January First as a starting point, I really can. It is as good a tent peg as any.

I am sure that you will agree that the date is entirely arbitrary. You could chose any date for your project and life planning you like.

And I have. And I did. And it was not January.

But that’s me. And I shall not bore you with the details of the goals and objectives on the plan. [ You know that I am a scientist. There are checklists and sometimes spreadsheets. Geek girl and proud.]

And I never look back. Only forward.

If you are totally into New Year’s Resolutions, the Happiness Project is a great resource for making sure that you include an element of JOY!!  as a criterion for making decisions on how to spend your life and energy in the coming 12 months.

Whatever goals and plans you have, I wish you Happiness and Joy for 2010.  And in every way you define those terms to mean to you and your life.

Happy New Year.

8 thoughts on “Bah humbug and Happiness

  1. Thank you Debs and Liz and the same to you both. Finding the JOY in everything we do every day is not an easy decision to take – but I found it makes a world of difference.
    Liz – my board is actually a strip of expanded polystyrene foam from the DIY shop. Not nearly as posh as a proper white board. But I do use post it pads and drawing pins. And when the board is not in use it doubles as extra loft insulation which is most of the time since I only truly find it useful for ‘Big Books’ and crime writing etc where plotting has to be slick.
    who said that writers were not flexible? LOL
    Happy writing.

  2. Sorry if I confused you Kate – the board pic is one I lifted from a screenwriting structure course – 4 acts with a midpoint of no return, but you knew that – and not my own personal white board.
    And yes, joy is up there as the top priority for 2010 come what may. Thank you.

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