Book reviews for Tipping the Waitress with Diamonds

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When you are in the middle of writing a new book, or rewriting, the best thing in the world can be the simple acknowledgement that a reader, somewhere, loves your story and your characters.

It is like fairy gold dust that makes the world sparkly when the days are long and dull.

‘Tipping the Waitress with Diamonds’ is out now in the US and online from Mills and Boon as a 2 in 1 with the lovely Jennie Adams – in the shops in the UK in June, and it is always a little nerve wracking for me until the book reviews come out.

Yes, I know that each review is ONE person’s opinion, and they might be having a horrible day and my story is not what they want to read at that moment. It is bound to happen.

So when I have two great reviews for a book I do my little jiggy dance, smile and breath out in relief.

Sorry if that sounds a bit pathetic, but I am a newbie. This is only my third book in print and I would really love if a readers comes to my books through a review on a site they trust.

So here is what the Romantic Times Magazine said. Thank you Catherine Witmer.

“TIPPING THE WAITRESS WITH DIAMONDS (4.5) by Nina Harrington: Head waiter Sienna Rossi was devastated when her fiance betrayed her, and she’s been career-centered ever since. When she learns he’s been hired as head chef where she works, Sienna takes two weeks off to reassess. That’s when chef Brett Cameron, her first crush, re-enters her life. The two work together to resurrect her aunt’s failing restaurant while she’s recuperating from surgery. In the process, they fall in love, but Sienna’s past makes her reluctant to mix business with pleasure again. A well-constructed plot and a scrumptious, larger-than-life hero combined with generous amounts of humor and pathos make for an excellent read.”

And yesterday, CataRomance posted their review. Thank you Julie for brightening my day with a full synopsis and review – but here are a few snippets:

Having read and thoroughly enjoyed Nina Harrington’s previous two novels for Harlequin Romance, my expectations for her third novel, Tipping the Waitress with Diamonds, were pretty high. But no sooner had I read the first page of this irresistible tale that I was immediately hooked and unable to put this captivating tale down!”


Witty, warm-hearted and wonderfully emotional, with this novel Nina Harrington once again balances pathos and humour so deftly that readers will be laughing and crying in equal measures as they get swept away by this tender, believable and heartwarming story.”

The evil editor inside my head is now balancing these kind words by pointing out that the standards has just been lifted one rung higher and this book has to even better so that the readers will not be disappointed.

Quite right. So without further ado, on with the show – bottom in chair, only now cushioned by reviews.

Oh I love show biz!


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