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Recipe for Disaster

 What will happen when all of the Caruso family secrets are out in the open?

Will Bunty’s Italian grandmother still try to stay in control from beyond the grave?

Can Fabio persuade Bunty to change her mind about dating Italians? 

Will the convent girls be forced to finally confess to Sister Teresa the truth about the visiting choirboys and the missing communion wine?

And how much chocolate do you need to create a life-size cheeky man part?

Let the mayhem begin…before it becomes a recipe for disaster!

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I am lucky enough to write warm, witty and wildly romantic fiction for Harlequin Mills and Boon.


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Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Boss

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Boss

Enemies make the best lovers…

Scott Elstrom craves freedom, adventure and exploration…so leaving the wilds of Alaska behind to save the family company isn’t top on his list of priorities! And getting the traditional CEO portrait painted by one feisty, quirky, sexy fireball…? Not in a million years!

Toni Baldoni needs this commission – just because the new boss won’t play along, it doesn’t mean she’ll back down! But suddenly Toni’s not sure if it’s determination that’s got her pulse racing – or something altogether less appropriate! Trouble is, this battle of wills is not so much hard work…it’s a lot more like fun!

Find out more and read an excerpt HERE.


The Secret Ingredient
The Secret Ingredient

Lottie Rosemount’s top tips for dating:

1. Ignore all advances from inappropriate men. Celebrity chef and notorious heartbreaker Rob Beresford can flirt for England, but that doesn’t mean his intentions are honourable!

2. Keep your cool. Rob is not a safe bet, so don’t let him see that he gets you hot under your apron!

3. If 1) and 2) fail, indulge in a wild fling with said inappropriate man. Because remember: wild nights with no strings attached are this man’s speciality!

Only Lottie is about to discover that Rob has a few secret ingredients to add to the mix—which could make her throw her tips out of the window for ever!

Find out more and read an excerpt HERE.

trouble on her doorstep KISS

Trouble on Her Doorstep – out Now. Find out more HERE.

My mini-series about 3 Friends – ‘Girls Just Want to have Fun.’

 Blame it on the Champagne.

 blame it on the champagne large printThe bubbles are going to her head!

English rose Saskia Elwood has slaved for years to turn her family estate into London’s most exclusive venue. She’s not going to do anything to jeopardise its success!

So considering wine magnate Rick Burgess’s business proposition would be nothing short of madness…But, before she can catch her breath, her heart-stoppingly gorgeous new business partner has swept her off to Europe for intimate champagne tastings and once in a lifetime experiences.

Saskia won’t be able to blame the sparks flying between them on the champagne for much longer! 

 This is the final book 3 in the Mini Series ‘Girls Just Want to have Fun.’ 

For more information about ‘Blame it on the Champagne’ including a Free Excerpt click HERE.  


Last-Minute Bridesmaid

 modern tempted - last minute bridesmaid She’s taking her bridesmaid duties very seriously! It wasn’t how she planned to spend the weekend—but now Kate Lovat has been drafted in to be an emergency bridesmaid! It may mean squeezing into the original bridesmaid’s dress, but it’s not all bad. She’s spending the day with Heath Sheridan, her old school crush turned publisher extraordinaire!

She’s living out her teenage fantasy—with limos, stylish dresses and hanging out with Heath. But the sparks flying between them are even greater than she could ever have imagined, and soon Kate realizes that you have to be careful what you wish for—because sometimes you get a whole lot more than you bargained for!

For more information about ‘Last-Minute Bridesmaid’ including a Free Excerpt and a peek Behind the Scenes simply click HERE.  


 The First Crush is the Deepest

 modern tempted first crushYou never forget your first…

Sam Richards was Amber DuBois’s first crush, first kiss and first love. Until he broke her heart and left town.

Now older and wiser, world-famous concert pianist Amber is at a crossroads in her life. But the sweetheart who spurned her is back—hotter, richer and in need of a favour! Glamour, romance and old heartaches resurface, but will her first crush stand the test of time?

For more information about ‘The First Crush is the Deepest’ including a Free Excerpt and a peek Behind the Scenes simply click HERE.

 truth or date modern temptedGoing on someone else’s date…

Nursing a very broken heart, Andromeda Davies does not feel best placed to organise her boss’s on-line dates. She picks out the best candidate – in her opinion!- but right before the first date her boss tells her to cancel! Andy knows the burning humiliation of being stood up, so she goes to apologise in person… and is blown away by Miles ‘#sportybloke’ Gibson! Expecting him to walk out immediately, Andy is instead left reeling by their incredibly intense connection. She might have sworn off romance, but she accepts a second date… just one. But irresistible ‘lust-at-first-sight’ has a habit of getting complicated…

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My Greek Island Fling

My greek island fling large print usa pdf The summer Lexi got lucky!

Strutting in her new heels under the warm Greek sun, Lexi Sloane can already taste the success. Ghost-writing a celebrity memoir on the postcard-perfect island of Paxos will be a career breakthrough…if she persuades Mark Belmont to open up about his famous mother’s life. Considering he grew up in the spotlight – with movie star looks to boot – he’s infuriatingly guarded.

Mark doesn’t need this quirky busybody interfering in his life, no matter how beautiful she is! But gradually he realises that Lexi sees beyond his family’s headlines – she’s offering him a challenge: to be the man he’s always wanted to be. Along the way he might teach Lexi her own lesson: to stop hiding behind others’ experiences and live her own life!

For more information about ‘My Greek Island Fling’ including a Free Excerpt and a peek Behind the Scenes simply press click HERE.  

When Chocolate is Not Enough

 When Chocolate is Not EnoughA shared passion for…chocolate!

One taste of Daisy Flynn’s delicious confectionery and Max Trevelyan is hooked! This quirky chocolatier is just the person to showcase the cocoa from his plantation. Daisy jumps on the idea – she’s always dreamed of having her own chocolate shop, and with Max’s offer that dream can become a reality!

But Daisy finds Max very distracting: the sexy single dad should come with a health warning! Keeping her eyes on the prize (and off Max’s chiselled features) isn’t easy.

But Daisy has learned the hard way that she’s safer indulging in chocolate than in relationships – and her dream is too important to mess up!

She mustn’t be tempted by something even sweeter…

 Go HERE for more information about ‘When Chocolate is Not Enough’ including a Free Excerpt and a peek Behind the Scenes.

 The Boy is Back in Town

The Boy is Back in TownWho’s that guy?

There was a time when the devastatingly sexy Ethan Chandler left Marigold Chance blushing and tongue-tied, but thankfully that’s all in the past. Now that the ice-cool international yachtsman has sailed smoothly back into her life, she’s determined to show him that the ugly duckling’s become a thoroughly modern swan – a beautiful, driven businesswoman with no time for him!

Yet Ethan seems equally determined to ruffle her perfectly groomed feathers and show her what she’s been missing out on – it’s time to let go and live for the future!

Go HERE for more information about ‘The Boy is Back in Town,’ including a Free Excerpt and a peek Behind the Scenes.


Blind Date Rivals

 Blind Date RivalsOrchids, fast cars and a little black dress.

 Dating the enemy! Sara should be preparing for a meeting to secure her business.

Instead she’s being stood up by a man she’s never even met!

Things  improve when gorgeous city-boy Leo asks her to dance – until he reveals his relief that his ‘country bumpkin’ blind date didn’t show… Sara could almost ignore the words slipping from his oh-so-kissable mouth – if the next ones weren’t that he’s planning to build on the land she wants to buy! Turning to ice, yet very aware of his warm, strong arms around her waist, Sara’s suddenly is reminded of a saying: keep your enemies closer…

Go HERE for more information about ‘Blind Date Rivals,’ including a Free Excerpt and a peek Behind the Scenes.

Her Moment in the Spotlight

Moment in the SpotlightWelcome to the fashion event of the season…Mimi Ryan’s debut fashion show is her dream come true!  She owes it to every girl who ever donned her mum’s high heels or sat at a sewing machine until four a.m. to make it a success.     

And if she’s being a little bossy towards Hal Langdon, the grumpy photographer, he will just have to live with it!

What is this adrenaline junkie doing at a London fashion show anyway?

He looks as if he’d be more comfortable climbing up a mountain, or – with those eyes and that rugged jaw – in a movie…or in her arms…Back to reality, Mimi! This is your moment – if you have the courage to step forward into the spotlight…

Go HERE for more information about ‘Her Moment in the Spotlight’ including a Free Excerpt and a peek Behind the Scenes.

The Ordinary King

The Ordinary KingWhen Kate takes a job in Africa and meets old flame Simon,  she’s shocked to discover he’s an honorary king. She’s sure the sun has gone to his head when he says she’s his perfect queen!

APRIL 2011 – ‘The Ordinary King’ A novella about a very special royal set in stunning Ghana – part of ‘A Royal Wedding’ Anthology with fellow authors Trish Morey, Caitlin Crews and Raye Morgan. Perfect timing for the wedding of Prince William.

And there is a chance to read this novella again in ‘Wedding Bells,‘ which also includes the novella by Raye Morgan.

Go HERE for more information about ‘The Ordinary King’ including a Free Excerpt and a peek Behind the Scenes.


The Last Summer of Being Single

last summer of being single US croppedRescued – in the nick of time! Sebastien Castellano, high-flying CEO extraordinaire, may bring some much-needed excitement to Ella’s sleepy French village, but Ella is sceptical about why the prodigal city-playboy has finally returned home after all these years.

Her little boy doesn’t care – dazzled by the sheen of Seb’s aviators and glamorous gadgets, he thinks Seb is cooler than his favourite superhero! Too gorgeous for his own good, more like.

But as the long hot summer begins, and Ella gets to know the real Seb behind his guarded façade, she has to admit he does have some superhero qualities! Ella has grown so used to living life as a single mum that she’s almost forgotten how much fun the ‘single’ part can be…



Tipping the Waitress with Diamonds

tipping the waitress with diamondsTake one hot chef…

The world’s finest chef, Brett Cameron, has a tough choice to make. Carry on with his new restaurant or answer a plea for help and return to where it all began…

Add a sweet, stressed waitress…

Sienna Rossi is out of her depth trying to rescue her aunt’s bistro. The dishwasher’s leaking, there’s sauce in her hair and the frying pan’s just caught fire! Through the smoky haze she sees a vision in shimmering chef’s whites: Brett, her teenage crush.

Did the temperature just rise a few degrees?

The Fun Factor. Warm and witty stories of falling in love…

Go HERE for more information including a Free Excerpt and a peek Behind the Scenes.

 ‘Tipping the Waitress with Diamonds’ was chosen as the Cataromance reviewers choice Harlequin Romance of 2010.

 Hired: Sassy Assistant

Hired Sassy AssistantMr Adventurer meets Ms Sassy!

The nation’s favourite medic Kyle Munroe has swapped the wilds of Nepal for the grand English country house of Lulu Hamilton.

The renegade Adonis needs Lulu’s help to publish her famous mother’s diaries, but this unconventional assistant won’t play ball. She wants to keep her mum’s memories private.

Lulu isn’t happy about stepping back in time, and rumour has it that sparks are flying!

Go HERE for more information about ‘Hired: Sassy Assistant’ including a Free Excerpt and a peek Behind the Scenes.

The ROMANTIC TIMES magazine had chosen ‘Hired: Sassy Assistant as a Top Pick for January 2010. AND the Reviewers Choice Award for Best Harlequin Romance for 2010.


Always the Bridesmaid

Always the BridesmaidAmy Edler is a baker – not a wedding planner!

But along with making her best friend’s wedding cake, Amy finds herself planning the wedding – with only her friend’s disapproving big brother to help!

Gorgeous building entrepreneur Jared Shaw hasn’t made his millions letting other people run the show – so, although he’s normally allergic to weddings, he’s rolled up his sleeves and is helping sweet and sexy Amy with every last detail!

And his last job is to buy the bridesmaid the perfect gift…

Go HERE for more information about ‘Always the Bridesmaid’ including a Free Excerpt and a peek Behind the Scenes.

‘Always the Bridesmaid’ was short listed for the Romantic Novelists Association Love Story of the Year Award 2010.



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