I am delighted to announce that my THIRD book for the Harlequin Mills and Boon Romance Line called “Tipping the Waitress with Diamonds” will be published in May.

This book is part of a series of warm and witty stories with The Fun Factor feeling of a romantic comedy designed to lift the spirits and create a warm feel good read.


I was delighted to share the news that ‘Tipping the Waitress with Diamonds‘  has been given the Reviewers Choice Award for Best Harlequin Romance of 2010. I am so thrilled about this award. __________________________________________________________________________

Some lucky people have already read the book. Here is what they have to say:



Head waiter Sienna Rossi was devastated when her fiancé betrayed her, and she’s been
career-centered ever since. When she learns he’s been hired as head chef
where she works, Sienna takes two weeks off to reassess.

That’s when Chef Brett Cameron, her first crush, re-enters her life.

The two work together to resurrect her aunt’s failing restaurant while she’s recuperating from surgery. In the process, they fall in love, but Sienna’s past makes her
reluctant to mix business with pleasure again.

A well-constructed plot and a scrumptious, larger-than-life hero combined with generous amounts of humor and pathos make for an excellent read.


Nina Harrington has penned another winner with Tipping the Waitress with Diamonds. I adored every single word of this story and was thoroughly enchanted by Sienna, a feisty, funny and realistic heroine and the sexy Brett, a celebrity chef whose charm, sexiness and compassion will melt the hearts of readers everywhere!

Witty, warm-hearted and wonderfully emotional, with this novel Nina Harrington once again balances pathos and humour so deftly that readers will be laughing and crying in equal measures as they get swept away by this tender, believable and heartwarming story. A well-constructed plot and a scrumptious, larger-than-life hero combined with generous amounts of humor and pathos make for an excellent read.

Dear Reader:

Dear Reader

Most people remember their first crush and perhaps their first kiss. The angst and pain of unrequited teenage love never quite leaves us!

On occasional wistful moments we might wonder what happened to that person who we imagined was so amazing and who we longed to be with all of those years ago!

What if you met them again by chance today? Would there still be a spark of attraction? And how much would you both have changed?

As an gawky plump 16 year old, Sienna Rossi was completely smitten by the intense and passionate trainee chef working in the family Italian restaurant – except that Brett Cameron seemed to be oblivious to her presence. 12 years later Sienna discovers that, if anything, chef Brett is even more attractive when they agree to work together to save her aunt’s Trattoria from disaster.

I do hope that you enjoy Sienna and Brett’s journey to love – where the waitress will be tipped with diamonds she will wear for the rest of her life with her first and only true love by her side.

I would be thrilled to know how you felt about my idea for the Perfect Recipe for Valentine’s

I would love to hear from my readers and you can get in touch by visiting the contact details section.


About the Book

Take one hot chef…

The world’s finest chef, Brett Cameron, has a tough choice to make. Carry on with his new restaurant or answer a plea for help and return to where it all began…


Add a sweet, stressed waitress…

Sienna Rossi is out of her depth trying to rescue her aunt’s bistro. The dishwasher’s leaking, there’s sauce in her hair and the frying pan’s just caught fire! Through the smoky haze she sees a vision in shimmering chef’s whites: Brett, her teenage crush.


Did the temperature just rise a few degrees?


The Fun Factor. Warm and witty stories of falling in love…

First Chapter Extract:

Special Recipe for a Perfect Valentine’s Day

Step 1 Take One Single Italian Girl
Step 2 Add a handsome Chef in a Kilt
Step 3 Throw in two teaspoons of Shock and Uncertainty
Step 4 Whisk everything together in a Tiny Bistro
Step 5 With a couple of Big Decisions
Step 6 A Valentine Wish
Step 7 Two Sparkling brown eyes
Step 8 And a pair of pink Pyjamas
Step 9 Sprinkle with Pink Flamingos
Step 10 Hot Pink Psychedelic Flowers
Step 11 And a box of Warm Memories
Step 12 Add a platter of sweet dreams
Step 13 Three wedding cakes
Step 14 Eight designer rainbow spinning pizzas
Step 15 And Two glasses of red wine
Step 16 Then smother in Wild Mushroom and cream sauce
Step 17 With three heaped spoonfuls of tears
Step 18 And two Pink Cup Cakes
Step 19 Add one American chef without a kilt
Step 20 Then Beat vigorously
Step 21 Finish with one portion of Chocolate Tiramisu and a stuffed donkey.
Step 22 Keep the mixture warm until Valentine’s Day then top with a red rose before serving with a kiss.

Step 1. Take One Single Italian Girl

Once upon a time, Sienna Rossi thought, as she sat back in a creaky staff room chair, restaurants were filled with wonderful guests who loved your food and drink and smiled sweetly to the waiting staff.

Then she grimaced at the memory of the businessman who had snapped his fingers at her not once but twice within ten minutes because first there was too much ice in his drink, and then his starter arrived with a garnish of salad leaves which had clearly been added specifically to poison him. No leaves. Those days are gone.

I could have decorated the shoulders of his expensive business suit with the salad leaves and poured the dressing over his shiny head, Sienna thought.

But she wouldn’t do it of course.

There was far too little dressing on the salad to do any serious damage. Also, successful headwaiters did not do things like that in exclusive country house hotels – especially headwaiters who wanted desperately to be promoted to restaurant managers.

Now – if he had ordered Chef Andre’s signature Hollandaise sauce? Um? That might have been a different story.

Sienna yawned widely before reaching down to pull off her stylish high heeled shoes and massaged her feet with a satisfied sigh of relief.  She should be used to swollen hot feet and crushed toes after ten years in the restaurant trade but it never got easier, especially in luxury hotels which excelled in fine dining.

Greystone Manor had become famous for the fabulous food and its glorious English country house setting and business lunches were booked weeks in advance. She should be delighted that they had a full house every lunch and dinner service. Only it was her job as head waiter and sommelier to make sure that every single one of the sixty diners enjoyed some of the best food and wine in England, excellent service, and came away feeling that they had shared some of the aristocratic lifestyle that living in a stately home could bring.

Unashamed award winning luxury was tricky to pull off day after day.

It was like being an actress in a top London show who had signed up to perform at both the matinee and the evening performances six days a week. Make-up and costumes combined with even less comfortable shoes.

Singing and dancing on tables optional.

Sienna glanced at the huge antique wall clock as she rubbed the life back into her toes. Fifteen minutes to go. The new management team had called a special meeting to announce who they had decided to appoint to two crucial posts in their award winning restaurant.

In a few minutes she would know the name of the new head chef. And find out who was going to be the restaurant manager who would be running Front of House. That magical combination of wonderful food and excellent service which would take the Manor to the very top!

A shiver of anxiety ran across her shoulders and down her back and she quickly checked that the staff room was still empty. Of course she was nervous. But nobody else could know how scared she truly was.

Scared? Who was she kidding? Make that terrified.

On the glossy surface she was Miss Rossi. The elegant and professional Head Waiter who was always immaculately turned out and presented the perfect formal image the Manor aspired to in their fine dining restaurant.

They would probably be horrified and totally amazed to know that the real Sienna Rossi was quaking inside the designer suit and shoes.

It had taken her four years of hard work to rebuild her shattered confidence to the point where she could even think about applying for the role of restaurant manager where she would be responsible for running her own projects and team.

This was going to be her dream job.

After so much sacrifice and hard work, it was time to prove that she was capable of coming through heartbreak and rebuilding a career for herself.

A career where she never had to trust and rely on another person to make her dreams come true.

She needed this job so badly.

‘You were a total star today. Did anyone tell you that? If I had an Oscar I would hand it over in an instant!’

Sienna blinked up from her reverie as her best friend Carla burst through the swing doors with a characteristic gush of black suited hotel receptionist elegance and single city girl attitude.

‘Thanks. You’re cutting it fine today,’ Sienna replied with a smile. ‘I thought the staff meeting was at four.’

Carla grabbed what was left of Sienna’s coffee and swigged it down in one gulp before sighing out loud as the espresso cup hit the saucer.

‘It is. Two of the guests managed to get lost in the maze. I know, I know.’ Carla waved both hands in the air, ‘that is supposed to be the point of having a proper maze in the first place. But in February? I’m freezing! It has taken me twenty minutes using cell phones and a whistle but they are now sitting all comfy and warm by the fire with hot tea and crumpets. Unlike the rest of us.’

Carla shivered inside her smart suit and shoved her hands deep under her armpits as Sienna poured her a fresh hot coffee.

‘Chefs in Kilts!’ Carla suddenly squealed, reaching forward to snatch up the colour supplement of the Hotel Catering magazine. ‘Why didn’t you tell me? I’ve been waiting all week for this! Who have they got as Hunk of the Month this time? Maybe we’ll be working with one of these hot young celebrity chefs in a few weeks. Wouldn’t that be totally cool?’

Not if I have anything to do with it, we won’t. Sienna thought in silence. Never again! Been there and do not want to go back, even for a visit. And it would NOT be cool.

Carla shook her head before passing Sienna her precious magazine. ‘See you in five minutes. And best of luck with the job sweetie – not that you need it. Every confidence!’ And with a small finger wave she was gone.

Sienna chuckled and started gathering together the coffee cups but as she did so the magazine flipped open and the breath froze in her lungs at the sight of a studio photograph of a tall muscular young man in a white T-shirt and tartan kilt.

Hunk of the Month.

Brett Cameron.

In an instant she was transported back twelve years to the cramped and crowded kitchen of Trattoria Rossi. And her first passing glimpse of Aunt Maria’s new trainee chef.

She was 16 and had wandered straight from school into the kitchen where her father and older brother Frankie were prepping for the evening service. Training places at Rossi’s were fought over at the catering college and only the best students made the grade.

And dominating the kitchen was a skinny teenager with fire in his eyes who had the cheek to argue with her brother Frankie over the best way to divide fresh basil.

And she was smitten.

Completely. Absolutely. Without hesitation or rational thought.


Just one look. That was all it took.

She closed her eyes and revisited the vivid image that had been burnt into her memory all of those years ago. 

Under a striped bandana, his long blond hair had been tied back in a ponytail which highlighted the hard lines of a face so intense with suppressed fire and energy that the force of the boy seemed to vibrate out and fill the air around him.

Every ounce of his concentration was focused on the fresh green basil leaves in front of him which he was tearing with his long delicate fingers, while Frankie shredded more fragrant leaves with a curved blade into thin strips.

Each of them sprinkled sea salt and a little extra virgin olive oil onto their own stack of basil.

She had watched, entranced, as Frankie then the blond tasted each of the leaves in turn with bread, then cheese and plum tomatoes. Going back and forth between the two chopping boards until the blond smiled up at Frankie and nodded.

Her brother slapped the blond on the shoulder – which she had never seen him do to another chef in his life – and they turned around smiling to face her.

And for just one fraction of a second the skinny teenager glanced up in her direction with such power and intense focus that it felt like a pair of pale blue lasers were boring holes through her skull.

Oh boy…


From “Tipping the Waitress with Diamonds” by Nina Harrington
Harlequin Romance May 2010. ISBN No: 978-0-373-17660-1
Text Copyright: © 2010 by Nina Harrington

Cover Art Copyright: © 2010 by Harlequin Enterprises Limited.

Permission to reproduce text granted by Harlequin Books S.A. Cover art used by arrangement with Harlequin Enterprises Limited. All rights reserved. ® and ™ are trademarks owned by Harlequin Enterprises Limited and/or its affiliated companies, used under licence.

Want to Read More? Tipping the Waitress with Diamonds will be released in May 2010.

Mass Market Paperback: 192 pages. First North American Publication

  • Publisher: Harlequin (11 May 2010)
  • Language English
  • ISBN-10: 0373176600
  • ISBN-13: 978-0373176601

Mass Market Paperback: 256 pages

  • Publisher: Harlequin; Lgr edition (11 May 2010)
  • Language English
  • ISBN-10: 0373740298
  • ISBN-13: 978-0373740291

Hardcover: 192 pages

  • Publisher: Mills & Boon; Library edition edition (4 Jun 2010)
  • Language English
  • ISBN-10: 0263213668
  • ISBN-13: 978-0263213669


2 in 1 edition

I am particularly thrilled that In the UK I shall also be sharing the pages of a 2 in 1 Romance with the wonderful Jennie Adams and What’s A Housekeeper To Do?

  • Paperback: 512 pages
  • Publisher: Mills & Boon (4 Jun 2010)
  • Language English
  • ISBN-10: 026387673X
  • ISBN-13: 978-0263876734

Behind the Scenes on “Tipping the Waitress with Diamonds”:

The Inspiration: Meet Brett 

 Jason Lewis was the perfect role model for Brett

Picture credit:Exposay.com and Glenn Harris.

While Evangeline Lilly had a subtle blend of Italian elegance and flair.

Picture credit: http://www.evangeline-lilly.net

And of course there was The Food: – including Brett’s speciality dessert – Tiramisu.

Method: How to make easy tiramisu

Ingredients for 4:

  • 250g mascarpone
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 3 tbsp Marsala, brandy or Tia Maria
  • 150ml strong coffee or espresso, cooled to room temperature
  • 150ml single cream
  • 4 tbsp icing sugar
  • 16 sponge fingers (savoiardi)
  • Frozen bar of 70% of chocolate bar
  • Cocoa powder, to dust

1. Whisk the mascarpone with the vanilla and Marsala and 50ml coffee, until everything is thoroughly mixed together. Whisk the cream with the icing sugar until smooth, then fold in the mascarpone mix

2. Pour the remaining coffee into a bowl (sweeten with more icing sugar if you like). Take one sponge finger at a time and dip it in to the coffee. Set it to one side and continue with the remaining biscuits

3. Line 4 serving glasses with 4 sponge fingers, breaking them in half if you need to. Spoon the mascarpone mix in until you reach the top of the glass. Refrigerate for 20 minutes to allow the flavours to infuse.

4. Remove the tiramisu from the fridge. Take the frozen chocolate bar and grate a little chocolate over the top of each Tiramisu. Finally, dust with sifted cocoa powder to serve

Recipe and Photo Credit: This is one of Gordon Ramsey’s Recipes from the Channel 4 Website.


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