Have you ever used an Internet Dating Site?

Or wondered what it would be like to meet someone over the Internet and then find out what they are like face to face?

That was the inspiration for my October 2012 RIVA release – TRUTH-OR-DATE.Com.

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Here is how the back cover of the book describes it:

Going on someone else’s date…

Nursing a very broken heart, Andromeda Davies does not feel best placed to organise her boss’s on-line dates. She picks out the best candidate – in her opinion!- but right before the first date her boss tells her to cancel! Andy knows the burning humiliation of being stood up, so she goes to apologise in person… and is blown away by Miles ‘#sportybloke’ Gibson! Expecting him to walk out immediately, Andy is instead left reeling by their incredibly intense connection. She might have sworn off romance, but she accepts a second date… just one. But irresistible ‘lust-at-first-sight’ has a habit of getting complicated…


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