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I have had my head down building a summer house in the rain this weekend and working through the revisions on my latest RIVA book, so I missed the wonderful and exciting news from my pal Liz Fenwick.

Liz has been offered representation by the one and only Carole Blake of Blake Friedman.

Wow. And then WOW and then huge WOWZA!

Go HERE to join in the congratulations. 

Liz had worked so hard and invested so much of her life and creative talent over the past few years to serve her apprenticeship – as we all have to – and has never given up even when times were hard. Learning craft is HARD. Believing in yourself is HARDER.

She deserves the  very best – and she had certainly achieved that with Carole Blake.

Carole give a presentation at the RNA Conference in Greenwich last year when she made it clear to anyone who had any doubts at all, that the current publishing market is in turmoil and launching a single title womens fiction book is not for the faint hearted.

Any writer needs a literary agent like Carole Blake on their side, who has [ please do not hate me Carole ] decades of experience, knowledge of publishing around the world in every genre and relationships with editors and publishers which individual authors could never achieve on their own.  Her excellent book, ‘From Pitch to Publication’ is a must read for any author who wants to know about rights and contracts. I know. I have read it from cover to cover and so knew what to expect when my Harlequin contract arrived.

Professional authors need a Carole Blake on their team, and I am absolutely thrilled, chuffed and delighted for Liz. 

The news has totally made my day. [ Emotional Sniff.] 🙂

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  1. Thank you ladies for helping me congratulate Liz. It is not a trivial thing to create a work of fiction that is so powerful that it appeals to one of the best known agents in the world. Top goddess. 🙂

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