Day 29: The 30-Day Book Launch Challenge

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Week Nine. Day 29. Checklist. ARCS and Pre-Launch Reviews

Kindle eBook

  • Final edits to eBook manuscript complete after feedback from my Editor and Beta-reader. Proofreading complete.
  • Ebook formatting complete.
  • Final manuscript for the Ebook loaded onto KDP – BEFORE the 3 day Pre-Order cut off date.

Print Book

  • Print book cover complete and loaded onto KDP as PDF.
  • Print manuscript formatted and loaded onto KDP as PDF.
  • Author copy of print book ordered from Amazon.
  • Print book now live:

Website updated with BUY NOW links to book page.

Review copies sent out.

Set launch price at 99cents.

Launch with a Free eBook or a 99cents eBook?

I used to use the free promotion days in Kindle Select to carry out a “stealth” secret launch and only tell reviewers that the book could be downloaded for free. Then two days later, the price moved back to a low list price.

It worked a few years ago, but now? I think we all free eBooks on our Kindle readers which we are never going to get around to reading.

I prefer a 99cents launch price for four reasons:

  • It’s a great bargain for the readers who are not familiar with my work.
  • Many of my blog subscribers will buy a copy at 99cents and leave a review, which is then a verified’ review on Amazon.
  • I want the book in the Amazon paid chart from launch day rather than having to move into the paid chart from the free chart.
  • Sales are a measure of interest in the book. Money talks.

Send Free Advanced Reading Copies to your targeted email list/blog subscribers and ask for reviews

Whether we like it or not, readers like social proof that we have created a book that someone else thinks it worth well spending money on.

There are two main ways of doing this:

  1. Ask for an Endorsement from famous authors of similar books which you can use as a quote.

You have to be quite shameless when it comes to asking other people for favours.  Be aware that many authors will be way too busy to read your book, but they might be willing to give you a one sentence quote if you sent them a copy of your final manuscript and cover image.  Give them at least a week to get back to you – they have their own books to write.

These one line quotes can be added to your book description on the online book stores.

  1. Reach out to a team of reviewers who are happy to read a free advanced reading copy of your book as soon as you can send them the final file with the cover, who can then post a review on Amazon and Goodreads as soon as the book is launched.

Let your email list and blog subscribers know that they can download your book for free. This is permission marketing and it is fair to mention that an honest and fair review would be appreciated.

How to Deliver the Advanced Reading Copy

  1. Your eBook is listed as Free for the Launch Period

If your book is available for free all you need to do is send them the link and they can download it as normal from the Kindle Store.

  1. Your eBook is listed as 99cents.

FREE option.

Email your readers with a free PFD of your eBook. I have done this in the past and linked to the PDF which had been loaded as a media file onto my WordPress website, or the Mailchimp or Leadpages file server.

Instafreebie is another popular option which has a Free Plan.

PAID option.

I like to use BookFunnel to deliver a free copy of the eBook in PDF, mobi for Kindle and ePub formats.

Then, when the book goes live, you can send a friendly email to let your reviewers know that the sales page or pages are now live and they can start adding their reviews. Give them the link to the book page on all of the book stores and the Goodreads page. Make it easy for them!

These reviewers are giving you their most precious resource –their time.

Always thank them profusely for their generosity.

Now – time to get ready for the big day. Launch!

2 thoughts on “Day 29: The 30-Day Book Launch Challenge

  1. How many days did it take your editor to review your final manuscript? It looks like a couple of days. If so, how in the world did he/she complete a viable edit so quickly? If my editor returned a manuscript in less than one week, I wouldn’t trust the completeness of her review. Not realistic.

    1. Hello, Michael. Thank for your comment.
      For clarification, my work is about 40,000 words in length, so much shorter than a normal novel at 70- 90,000 words. Plus, she was able to work on the manuscript full time and get it back to me in 5 days. Very happy with her work.

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