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On the 21st July I was delighted to attend the joint book signing of my fellow Reading RNA chapter members, Tania Crosse and Janet Gover who were celebrating the release of ‘Lily’s Journey and ‘Girl Racers’, respectively.

Completely different genres but both character driven, well researched and page turning reads with interesting settings.

Copies of their books have been sat on my bookshelf tauting me to complete the latest set of revisions as fast as possible – definite bribe fodder.

Tania’s latest historical single title has just been released and is called ‘Lily’s Journey.’ I love to read character driven stories and was immediately hooked on a 1950s story set on Dartmoor.

I was not disappointed and could hardly put it down.

Here is the synopsis from Amazon:

‘This is a wonderfully atmospheric story tale of young love and past mistakes set in the haunting Dartmoor countryside, in the years after the Second World War. When fifteen-year-old Lily Hayes loses her mother, she is forced to leave the bright lights of London to live with her estranged father in the wilds of Dartmoor. The dour Sidney Latham can be sullen and he has a temper on him, but Lily is determined to make the best of things. As Sidney’s gruff manner slowly thaws, Lily learns more about her family’s past. And discovers that some secrets are best left hidden. Though Lily’s life has taken a dramatic turn for the worse, there are some things she is grateful for – the fact that she has met the handsome and charming Edwin Franfield being top of the list. But when tragedy strikes, a stranger with troubles of his own becomes her surprising saviour.’

If you need a warm, deep and enthralling read, set in the 1950s look no further. ‘Lily’s Journey’ is heartily recommended.

And that price from Amazon is an absolute steal for a book that runs to 524 pages.

Now for Janet Gover’s book. ‘Girl Racers.’  I certainly know how to spoil myself. 🙂

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