Delivery Failure

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Imagine my excitement.

Into my humdrum reclusive existence a charming UPS man knocks on my door – carrying a lovely box with the words ‘Harlequin USA’ on the side.

I check the invoice paperwork.  Most excellent! Author copies of my US edition of  ‘Always the Bridesmaid.’ I cannot wait to see them.

I cautiously cut the packing tape – with scissors- and peel away the packing materials to see;

Someone else’s books.

Yep. They have sent me the wrong author copies from the wrong Harlequin Line.

I am.. um.. not best pleased. They have to send me copies in accordance with my contract and I need to get these copies out to reviewers – and have the review complete – before the July launch in the USA. And I will be on hols for 2 weeks this month.

Worse. I am now feeling guilty about the horrific carbon footprint of this small box which was UPSed by several trucks and a cargo plane from New York. And it will ALL have to happen over again.

If someone suggests that I repack these ‘Love Inspired’ and ship them back to the US, then I may have to use my ‘assertive voice’.

I know. To err is human. It simply sucks my time when I am working hard on a project which needs to be substantially complete before May 16th.

Deep calming breath. Hazlenut choc. Hot China and Darjeeling. On with the show.

3 thoughts on “Delivery Failure

  1. Thanks Kate and Michelle. Have set the wheels in motion. I also e-mailed the author – and she is rather taken aback since I am the SECOND author to receive copies of her book – and she received her own copies on time.
    An ardant fan perhaps? LOL.

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