The generosity of Romance Writers

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 I am always proud to sing the praises of Romance Writers, who I have found to be universally generous, kind and supportive of pre-published and published authors alike.

This week both Donna Alward and Julie Cohen have provided two great examples.

If you are unpublished, here is a great opportunity to pitch your Story Idea for a Harlequin novel to Mills and Boon author, Donna Alward, and win a full year of her time as your mentor and writing coach.

 Go HERE to find out more. It really is a brilliant opportunity to have one to one advice and encouragement on your work and your submission so that when you DO submit, you know that you have given the work your best shot.

The E-Harlequin Community is great way to learn the latest news from Editors, authors and readers and is one of the best ways to break away from the isolation that comes from staring at the white wall every day… Oh, you don’t do that? Must just be me then [ see Nina skulking back to her corner.LOL]

For extra ammunition my pal Julie Cohen who writes contemporary romance, has two great posts on Story Craft over on her blog this week. Great stuff.

Happy writing.

PS> I am still trying to ‘Find the Joy’ in these revisions. The ‘Joy’ either ends today or I hit the fresh cream chocolate profiteroles big time. Custard may also be involved. Yes. It is that serious.

7 thoughts on “The generosity of Romance Writers

  1. Oh thank you ladies. Sniff.
    Choc, wine and custard! You are the best.
    In the end I had hot apple and backberry pie with hot custard for dessert – but the book was in good shape by then so I think I am allowed.
    THEN the wine.
    Pleased to say that the revised manuscript is now with my editor after much trimming to bring the word count back into the tolerable zone!
    happy days.

  2. I was about to type in my comment – thanking you for the links – when I saw Jude’s comment about dunking a Wispa in tea and my brain came to a sudden standstill. Must go and buy a Wispa.

  3. I find a Wispa dunked in tea can put a lot of things right. Except my thighs of course. Failing that there’s looking up fanvids of tv love unions on YouTube. Hugs and go crack ’em! j

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