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I am delighted to say that my first Novella for Mills and Boon – called ‘The Ordinary King’ has been included in a special release of individual shorter stories – in time for Valentine’s Day. Until now, this novella has only been available in an anthology.

When Kate takes a job in Africa, the last person she expects to meet is her gorgeous ex, Simon, who, due to his charity work, is now an honorary king. If that wasn’t enough, it seems that he’s expected to take a queen—and she’s his favourite candidate!

M&B is releasing seven original e-book only shorts for Valentine’s Day, to be priced at £1.99. The seven novellas, all by established M&B authors, and published on 14th February itself, will be:

* The Ordinary King by Nina Harrington,

*Chosen as the Sheikh’s Wife by Liz Fielding,

*Their Baby Bond by Amy Andrews,

*The Governess and the Early by Ann Lethbridge,

*Italian Boss, Housekeeper Mistress by Kate Hewitt,

*The Reluctant Queen by Caitlin Crews, and

*The Count’s Secret Child by Jennie Lucas.

The e-books will be available across all digital formats and devices.

Harlequin digital and marketing director Tim Cooper said the plan was to release more e-book shorts at regular intervals from now on. He said: “We just want to find a way of getting our content out there to readers, and it’s an easy entry point; they are enjoyable little bite-size pieces of content.”

He added that M&B has discussed releasing e-book only content by new authors, and said it was an option for the future, but said: “For a start, we wanted to go to our existing authors and give them the chance to write short stories, it’s something our readers love.”

The Press release came out today – go HERE to read more.

3 thoughts on “E-book only shorts for Valentine’s Day

  1. It is a great idea Lacey. I love this story and it is rather different from my other writing so nice to see that it might reach new readers.

    Totally agree Liz – quite a surprise – but I am particularly pleased that my novella has been included in the line up with such stellar authors such as yourself. As for the cover? Not what I would have chosen – especially since the story is set on the tropical coastline of Ghana. And not a palm tree in sight! But I understand that for e-books a simple design which works as a thumbnail is a better option. I only hope that readers do not expect the fantasy Ruritanian idyll set in Europe. Not with this novella. LOL

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