4 thoughts on “Editing to Music.

  1. I, too, loved that adaptation. I watched the whole DVD back-to-back when I was laid low with the lurgy, earlier this year, and it was such a treat.

    Good luck with the rest of the editing.

  2. With you completely! I have spent/wasted many happy hours on YouTube because of that series – and have the DVD! In the book he simply says something like ‘Margaret, Margaret ‘but I think we are allowed some modern romance! LOL
    Editing almost there. Need John Thornton and the whole team behind me on this one.

  3. Oh, that pic from North and South! I adore that ending. I could hear the music just seeing it, and Margaret’s stammering through what she wants to tell him, and his patient and adoring way of watching her….

    Happy sigh.

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