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Dewitt Jones is a world class photographer who also talks about how his creativity works when he is composing a stunning photograph for National Geographic or personal.

What has he learned? In order to make best use of his amazing creative skills he asked himself –

What am I falling in love with in this photo? What is exciting?

And when he finds that passion and energy he needed to:

*Focus his vision – love the positive aspects and NOT what is wrong with it. 

My take? We are always SO critical of ourselves and looking and focusing on what is wrong with our work that we sometimes do not see the wonderful positive aspects that are there right in front of us. We HAVE wonderful ideas and creative skills = we HAVE talent. So why do spend 80% of our time telling ourselves it is all rubbish when we should be looking at the 20% which is amazing and working on making it even MORE amazing?

*Learn his technique and train it – so that Imagination can become Action when the moment arrives.

My take? Yes. The most brilliant story idea in the world is not going to be fully realised unless there is some craft techniques and stuctural work which will make the best use of that idea. I need those tools – some writers do it instinctively inside their heads and just go for it. I wish I could.

*Put himself into the place of most potential- where there is the best chance of finding something he can love and have passion about.

My take? We know what we have to do to put oursleves into the mindset to be open to the voices of our characters and create their stories. But it is HARD. And there are always easier choices and excellent excuses. And no, we don’t need views of oceans and mountains- just the space that works for us. And it could be the couch with the TV on and the kidlets running around like wild indians. It doesn’t matter. If that is our place of most potential.

*And the hardest? Totally be open to possibilities you never even dreamt of before.

My take? Scared about pushing yourself out of your comfort zone? Human Nature. Bound to happen.

It is not about finding the perfect right answer – the only one – it is about continually finding the next right answer – and the next, and the next. Building energy and excitement and passion and vision. I love it.

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