Great Deal on my EBOOK LAUNCH Course

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Great Offer on my eBook Launch Course. This is the most comprehensive training that I have created to date on how to plan and implement your eBook launch from the final draft to post launch. Down from $68 to only $17 with this coupon.

The eBook Launch Formula Udemy Course

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2 thoughts on “Great Deal on my EBOOK LAUNCH Course

    1. Hi Autumn. First of all, thank you for purchasing the eBook Marketing Formula book. I do hope that you are finding it of value.
      The way I see it, Marketing is only one track of the eBook Launch Process. You must work in parallel on;
      * Crafting your Manuscript and shaping it into the best form possible. Story Editing, copyediting and proofreading.
      * Building your eBook. Cover Art. Front and Back Matter and Copyright pages.
      * Publishing your eBook. Which Online publishing platform to chose? Tax forms. The all important category and tags and much more.
      Hope that helps and all the best for your publishing.

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