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One of the best most difficult tasks in working on a new story idea is to find a pic which best matches the image in my head of the hero and heroine.

Take the hero for example – [except you can’t because he is mine, mine I tell you – and possible Kylie’s]

I am thinking French [ languedoc south west so quite a spanish twist], dark, passionate, handsome but not pretty, a vineyard owner and worker so fit. Edgy. Definitely edgy. Early 30’s.  Outdoor man. Dogs. Denims.

Ideas so far include:

This clearly will require extensive research as sites like Google Image.

It’s a tough job but it has to be done. Sigh.

3 thoughts on “Hunk of the month

  1. Great minds indeed Kate. I am thinking hot summer nights. And although I know Alsace very well, I think this one means Provence and all the sensual delights of the area.
    No 1 is the model Andres Velencoso who I believe is currently dating Kylie Minogue.
    The tat on his chest is for Lucia – his mum. Ahhhh.
    Thank you Caroline. I agree – which makes it SO difficult to choose LOL.

  2. That’s scary – I have a French vineyard on the go, too! Great minds think alike. (Prob not Languedoc, though. More Northern France. )

    PS Enquiring minds would love to know, please: who is #1?

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