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My latest manuscript for the Mills and Boon Romance Line is now in my editor’s InBox!

At least I hope it is.

My Internet Broadband is through a cable modem and should be perfect and high speed.

Ah – No.

The speed and availability has been very patchy over the last few weeks, but since I was in writing mode, I was not using it a great deal. Until I came to send my manuscript to my editor last week and found that I coudn’t send Emails and I should take up my knitting while an Internet Page loaded.

Hence my Web silence – and if you were expecting an email from me, sorry. This is also why there are no pics today – the system cannot cope with uploading.

I found this incredibly frustrating so I called the helpline again. An engineer could come out to help me on … Friday this week. I had to bite my tongue – it is not the helpline operator’s fault, but Friday is of now use to me when I want to meet my deadline for this book and have a working Broadband that I can trust.

So I bit the bullet, gave up on that email provider, and emailed the document using the GoogleMail service Mr Nina uses for his work during a window when the Internet was fast enough for me to access Google.

Strange how this technical glitchet hits my two grumpy buttons – my intolerance of useless technology, plus the fact that I hate to be late on a delivery date.

This morning the email service was no better, no technical help is available, so I am pulling the plug and taking the time to create a new email address. It will take hours to change over on all of my groups, websites and tell my pals about the change, but I need a system I can rely on and this is not it.

As for broadband? I can save a lot of money and increase speed and reliability by changing back to BT. I still need cable for my TV and phone – which are working perfectly, but time for a change.

Speak to all soon!

4 thoughts on “Hurrah!

  1. Hugs on the ISP hassles, Nina, and congrats on getting your latest in your ed’s hands. (Snap, this morning – MS, that is, not ISP, touch wood. I had problems over the weekend but it turned out to be caused by someone in the house who now understands that messing up my computer the day before my book is due is a divorceable offence and he’d better not do it again…)

    Hope the changeover is hassle-free for you.

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