I has new ‘puter

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Ah the delights of technology.

A few weeks ago Mr Nina used my desktop computer and declared that my start up time was WAY too slow – okay, I confess, I did log on then go and have a coffee/breakfast/read a novel while my old hard drive whirred into life.

SOOOO,,, new computer. All whizz bang superfast slick and shiny.

I kept my old monitor – it is a SONY and I love it.

This pic has the old grey tower on the far left next to the UPS – and the new shiny black one on my desk.

[ the office walls are actually warm cream but lighting was terrible]

Not so shiny points that I have now discovered after two days of intermittent use:

* I had to run a duplicate file programme on the old hard drive and found,,,, almost 2000 duplicate word docs!!!!

This is the danger of copying folders – and the only way to work out what to save or delete is by going through each one in turn, one. at. a. time. Worth it to save 100s of Megabytes being copied.

* Time to sort out unused Internet favourites and tidy up the folders in My Documents. OH BOY. Was that a procrastinator’s delight!

* New keyboard is driving me NUTS – soft touch, flat, buttons that magically turn things on. this is going to take some getting used to. But it is totally silent which is weird at first.

* New Software is Office Word 2007. I am going to have to read the manual. Because it took me 10 mins yesterday to work out how to insert a function into a table. Seriously clever- and not the slightest bit intuitive to me – but this is day one.

* I have enough cardboard for two trips to the recycler.

Very shiny points:

* speed. everything loaded superfast and the whole system is like a race horse compared to my old shetland pony

* Mr Nina loaded everything over through the server AND I had internet backup incase of crashing. All worked fine.

* Dell preloaded the software etc before shipping so everything works first time.

* there are lots and lots of clever functions – like the memory card straight into the computer slot etc

SO- Does anyone want a second hand huge tower PC and a wireless keyboard with a groove in it where my wrist used to rest? Free cordless clever mouse to the lucky new owner.

Now it is back to work on the new WIP which has become the new WIStalled – focus woman, focus. Just because your very first book is launched tomorrow is no excuse for going off track. MWHAAAA. Whimper.


6 thoughts on “I has new ‘puter

  1. Enjoy your new ‘puter (and ouch on the dedupe – I save mine in folders so I know it’s draft 1, draft 2, whatever. The big space eater on mine though would be the photograph section :o)

    I has a noo shiny (literally) laptop as from today. Getting nice Radley lappie bag tomorrow, whoo-hoo.

    Word 2007 is clever but odd – and it’d be nice ifyou could customise the ribbon as you could with Word 2000. But I do like seeing the wordcount there *all the time*.

  2. Hi Snookie – and thanks for your good wishes.
    Yes, Harlequin is releasing ‘Always the Bridesmaid’ THIS MONTH! across the USA in the Romance Line- I would thrilled if you could look out for it.
    Many thanks – Nina

  3. Good luck with the new ‘pooter. I’ve had Office 2007 for over a year now and it still occasionally drives me crazy trying to find stuff!

    Will harlequin be publishing your books also? 🙂
    Don’t have access to M&B unless I mail order.

  4. Thank you Liz- a perfect sentiment.
    Debs – the duplications are my own fault because I copy my work every day for backup by date – and thanks, I’m sure I will get used to it. when my fingers start hitting the correct keys !

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