Barbara O’Neal and What they don’t tell you about Revision

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Barbara O’Neal writes wonderful, big hearted RITA winning emotional novels about women finding their true nature.

She is also brilliant at describing how being in the middle of revising a book feel like.

Go here to read her words of wisdom. [ sorry, WordPress is not allowing links today]

I am so there in that place at this moment I suspect that it is going to take a lot of cake and tea to pull me out. And distraction activities. [ Only without the sports in my case]

The only good thing is that I know from talking to other writers and from past experience that this is temporary and all part of the joy of writing and working for yourself.

And it is good to know that even the best of us spend the whole day pacing and doing flow charts and scene outlines and not writing a word while the story whirls around in our heads and the characters sulk in and out of the story like grumpy teenagers with their ’emo’ on, mooching for snack junk foods who leave the refrigerator door open and dump wet towels around the house.

On the other hand, the sun is trying to shine, and I am setting my kitchen timer for 30 mins then going out for a walk… and cake… and something for lunch which will take extensive cooking..and then for dinner. Wine will be involved. And I have recorded a lot of programmes from the TV, and …

Tomorrow will be better. Whimper.

One thing is certain. Writing books on contract is not for softies.

2 thoughts on “Barbara O’Neal and What they don’t tell you about Revision

  1. Thanks Kate – I am sure you are right. Toast sounds good. Have mainlined luxury hot cross buns and gallons of tea. And it helped! LOL x.

  2. Hugs, Nina – I really know what you mean about revisions. It will get better and the book will be stronger because of it. Had to laugh about the ‘grumpy teenager’ – I know that one, too. When my RL one grunts and has attitude, it’s usually because he hasn’t eaten breakfast and his blood sugar is way too low. Toast works. (Hmm. Wonder if the hero/heroine would behave and start talking if the author ate lots of toast…)

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