Internet Free Zone

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One whole day without an Internet Connection.

Oh the frustration. No E-Mail [ when I am waiting for something] and no Broadband, so no research, no catching up with Blogs and Craft Posts. No YouTube research for my new heroine who is a Jazz cocktail pianist and singer, no IPlayer for Radio 3 concerts. Nothing.

I was bereft!

*So I had to do work instead. Brainstorming how to make my lovely new hero Sebastian suffer and working on my character profiles and internal conflict question lists.

After three books I am now a lot clearer about how CRITICAL it is to have the motivation and internal conflicts established in detail before wading into text. I thought that the last book was crammed with emotional punch, but it still needed extra layers adding at the end. I am hoping to avoid such major revisions this time.

*And did I mention that I am decorating the larget bedroom? Wallpaper is now stripped off and some replastering is drying out after we took out the wall lights. Then there was the backlog of sorting out everything I moved OUT of the bedroom to prep for decorating. The aggreement is that nothing goes back in that we do not need. I can see the local Charity shops rubbing their hands with glee.

*And the BT men came to install a new phone line to Mr Nina’s office which is on the first floor of the house. So I had to watch them with them on their magic crane/ladder arrangement as they slung a line from the pole across the street – avoiding the full size beech trees – and wired it in. I was going to ask if they would mind cleaning my windows at the same time but I thought that was a tad cheeky. And it was raining. We now have another BT line. Whole job took almost 3 hours.

I even had to use … the telephone! And read.. Books!

And generally worked through a lot of items on my To Do this week list.

AND then I made some notes about a Young Adult story idea which will not leave me alone. Science fiction colony world crime book – with some romance. I know. I know. As if my other rom suspense was not enough.

 THEN Kate Hardy has a great post on The Pink Heart Society Pages today about Productivity. And the Internet.

Serendipity? And of course she is right. If only there was not such Interesting things in the Library at the end of my fingertips? Sigh.

So today I am trying to work smarter and more efficiently. See how it goes.

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