the bone collector ebook

Jeffrey Deaver and Story Maps

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the bone collector ebook

The Simon and Shuster Website has a great series of interviews with their authors and I came across this terrific interview recorded with Jeffrey Deaver in his home.

My family and I adore Jeffrey Deaver thrillers – the Bone Collector and The Coffin Dancer are probably my favs – and he has obviously enjoyed writing his latest project which is now in the top ten bestsellers – a new James Bond novel.

Why is he so popular worldwide?

Clearly he is a wonderful storyteller – but he is also a total pro who knows that commercial crime novels have to be page turners.

Gripping and compelling characters being forced to deal with horrendous events and find justice at the end. And he is a total, total craftsman.

He outlines – as many crime writers do, to cope with the multiple crime subplots.

And he rewrites. And rewrites. With up to 40 drafts before the editors snatch it from his fingers.

Yes. I am serious. Forty!

And here I am thinking I am useless because I need at least two passes before submitting.

One interesting thing – he seems to use the same whiteboard and sticky notes chart system that I use.

Go HERE to see the video. enjoy.

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