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It is always great to find out that a reader takes the time to comment on how much they liked – or disliked – your books, but I was particularly pleased when the lovely Nicola Marsh pointed me to a lovely review on the Dear Author Site for my debut Romance Line book – ‘Always the Bridesmaid.’

This book will always be special for me since it was the first book I sold – and I loved writing about two characters I cared about.

Best of all – the printed book was released in July 2009 and was only in bookshops for a few weeks. but Jayne reviewed the e-book version which is now available. I love to think that new readers can enjoy this book and other backlist titles over two years after it was released.

Thank you Nicola and Jayne – just what I needed to boost the inspiration on a cold wet morning in the UK. 🙂


Now all I have to do is create an equally compelling read from my current draft. EEK.

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