Must write, write like the wind

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HOW did it become July the ninth?

What happened to June? And last week?

I have SO much work to do on this current WIP it is silly. I am going to have to write like the wind for the rest of the evening to make sense of this chapter/final scene.

THEN Tomorrow morning at silly o’clock I have the long drive up to Penrith for the RNA Conference.


*Meeting friends and fellow writers who I only chat to in the virtual world.  And hopefully making new friends.

*Not wearing writers’ grunge.

*Talking to other people face to face about writing = and those people understand!! Totally kewl.

*Being part of the community of romance fiction authors. Last year at this time I was unpublished, without a contract and struggling. Now I have one book on the shelves, another at the printers, and a contract for two more, one of which is almost there. I am truly amazed at the difference 12 months can make – but one thing is certain. The welcome and the support is EXACTLY the same for all authors. Published or not. We are all on the same journey.

* Writing is a solitary business. Caves can be gloomy. It can be nice to come blinking into the light now and then.

SO. Back to work. And updates on Monday. DV.

3 thoughts on “Must write, write like the wind

  1. A fab time was had Debs. Sorry. Kate – total round trip = 730 miles. So yes, it was a long stretch of the legs. 🙂

  2. Blimey, Nina – that’s a really long drive. (That was the main reason I bowed out, this year – takes me an hour just to get out of Norfolk, and Penrith is a 7-hour trek.)

    Have a FAB time at the conf and I’ll be raising a glass to you from here. Look forward to hearing all about it!

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