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One of the delights in writing to contract is that you have a good idea of when your novel is going to be published and usually in which countries around the world. So I was aware that My Greek Island Fling had a limited release in the UK in June as a RIVA title and is due to be published in the USA as a Harlequin Romance in September.

But things change, and in my case the Harlequin UK team decided to rethink the cover design of many of the RIVA titles and find out what readers think of them in the harshest of environments – on the shelves in books stores.

So here it is – cover version three, which will be in the stores in the UK only from October with 8 other RIVA titles and online.

This is certainly a very different contemporary style, but what do YOU think of it?

6 thoughts on “New cover design

  1. I love the new RIVA covers. I think that they perfectly capture the fun, sassy and feel-good feel of the Riva line. I also think that readers who don’t usually pick up category romances might be tempted to pick them up now as they have that chick lit/rom com look that perhaps readers don’t associate with Mills and Boon.

    Lots of non-category readers have picked up and loved Sarah Morgan’s repackaged books, so I hope that the new Riva line will have the success – it certainly deserves to as the books are fabulous!

    1. Absolutely. The pen and ink drawings are such fun and to me feel more fashionista which fits the RIVA demographic. I only hope that other readers will still take a risk and enjoy the stories and not be put off by the very young skinny chick. This is one of my favourite books.

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