November Releases

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This month I have not one but TWO books released.

First – my new title – “The Boy is Back in Town,” which is part of the terrific RIVA line up for November.

About the Book

Who’s that guy?There was a time when the devastatingly sexy Ethan Chandler left Marigold Chance blushing and tongue-tied, but thankfully that’s all in the past. Now that the ice-cool international yachtsman has sailed smoothly back into her life, she’s determined to show him that the ugly duckling’s become a thoroughly modern swan – a beautiful, driven businesswoman with no time for him! Yet Ethan seems equally determined to ruffle her perfectly groomed feathers and show her what she’s been missing out on – it’s time to let go and live for the future!

Go HERE for more information about ‘The Boy is Back in Town,’ including a Free Excerpt and a peek Behind the Scenes.

Confession time? I could not resist popping into my local bookstore and ogling my book on the shelves.

That thrill never gets old. Even if it is my 8th book – and I hope that I will still have that same tingle whether it is book 28 or 48.

But there is more….

I am totally thrilled that “Blind Date Rivals” is now available as a Harlequin Romance.

I had such fun writing this book and here is what the Romantic Times had to say about it:

Romantic Times Magazine: November 2011. 4 star Review.

Harrington’s latest novel is fast paced and fun. Her characters are interesting and their predicament is believable.While waiting for a blind date at her best friend’s birthday party, florist Sara Fenchurch meets an intriguing man. After several dances, she learns that he is her blind date. The problem? Leo Grainger describes this desperate woman he is supposed to meet in such unflattering terms that an embarrassed Sara excuses herself from the party without telling him who she is. The situation quickly worsens when, unbeknownst to Leo, his family’s hotel company tries to evict Sara.

Go HERE to read an extract and find out more.

Days like this make up for a lot of the angst.. LOL.

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