Off my desk and Paranoia

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Yes! The revisions are complete, I can’t see anything else I need to amend without tinkering the story to death, so my latest WIP is off my desk and onto my editor’s Inbox.

Big sigh. Large beaker of very hot tea.

Now the paranoia part starts, where I have a nightmare that I have lost the only copy.

 Here is what this entails for me:

* Finding every piece of paper and notes about the book and dropping them into the greenbox file for this book – and yes, it has to be green.  Other colours -other types of book.

* creating one master print out of the finished text – and ripping up all of the old pages I printed out for the recyle

* moving bulging box file to my bookshelf and staring at the mostly now clutter free desk with a cheesy grin.

Then I start the Back Ups of the Document File. 

1. Yes, I do daily backups to a memory stick which I move from desktop to handbag to notebook

2. weekly to another hard disc which I use as a server,

but at this point I have a book I am proud of – and have signed a contract which says that I have to keep a copy. So I now make two more digital copies by uploading the book to two free Online Document Stores.

Google Documents. If you have a Google account you can upload documents and work on them wherever you are in the world. I don’t like the word processing, but the doc storage part if easy and free.

Windows Office Live. Easy to use with lots of storage.

Yes, I know. Overkill. But it does ease the paranoia somewhat.

Now. Time to starting thinking about the RNA Conference on Friday! HURRAH!

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