Reconnecting to the joy and delight in writing

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Does it sometimes feel that we are living to work?

I seem to have so many BIG objectives at the moment, some writing, some personal and most private.

Time to get back to one of my annual resolutions for 2010 – FIND THE JOY!

I know that many people use morning ‘ affirmations’ to reconnect themselves with their motivations and energy and exuberant committment and passion – which is easy to let slip away.

These are not the touchy=feelley embarrasing type of smell the flowers affirmations, but more hard hitting and very personal reminders which instantly reconnect you to why you are doing this.

For others it is the same soundtrack piece of music, or a short moment of silence, before hitting the keyboard.

Those of you out there with big goals of your own—do you often think about the journey?

If we know we can enjoy the process of writing for what it is, without any other reward, surely we know we’re on the right track?

My new process starts today.

In other news my pal Kate Hardy is blogging about our Mills and Boon author meeting which took place last Friday in London. It was a splendid affair and much enjoyed by one and all. 

Most of us spend our days staring at a white wall/monitor/ talking to the people who live inside our head. It is nice to step away from that and meet other Romance authors with the same dreams and aspirations and challenges and share news and business info with the editors we so rarely meet in person. And yes, I wore heels and a business suit. And yes, Kate’s new Radley bag was splendid indeed.

Great fun.

4 thoughts on “Reconnecting to the joy and delight in writing

  1. Thank you for the understanding ladies. Nothing beats the support of fellow writers. Waving at you all through the magical computer monitor which takes me into your lives/kitchen tables/ palatial offices. Have a brilliant day!

  2. If we know we can enjoy the process of writing for what it is, without any other reward, surely we know we’re on the right track?

    Hugs, Nina. Those are very wise words. It isn’t for sissies but…it is such a reward in itself. Couldn’t give it up if I had to.

  3. Nina, it was lovely to see you. (And I second Lacey on that dog pic – brilliant.)

    Thinking about the journey… Um. This year, it’s been as much as I can do to put one foot in front of the other. However, I’m feeling the joy this morning (has much to do with talking to author friends in person) and I’m focused on all my goals. This week (i.e. while my ed is away) is all about finding balance 🙂

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