Reconnecting with my Teenage Self  

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In January 2014 I decided to take a break from writing romance fiction.

Why? Because I felt that something was not working.

Hard work does not bother me – it never has. But there comes a time when it is taking longer and longer to finish a romance project and I had to face up to a hard fact. It is taking longer because I didn’t want it enough.

I love writing. I love making friends with the characters who come alive inside my head. That’s why I have written 19 romance novels in 5 years, plus countless proposals and story notes and partials for more.

But somehow along the way I had jumped onto a hamster wheel of my own making which was turning faster and faster, powered by the stories and the contract deadlines. Deadlines I had pushed for. I know how important it is to be prolific in today’s publishing world.

Now it was time to jump off that treadmill and take some time to catch my breath.

Have I been idle since January? Not a bit! I have written several books for writers and two Online training courses.

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 What I have learnt in these past months is that in order to find joy in the writing, you have to reconnect to the deep motivation that will light a fire in your belly and have you stealing every moment you can to tell the stores burning inside of you.

That’s why I have just started the most ambitious writing project of my life.

I want to go back to that gangly over-tall teenage girl who came to reading adult fiction through a compulsive addiction to space opera novels. Do you remember those Gollancz Science Fiction books with the hard yellow covers and authors such as Asimov and Norton and Delaney and Clarke? I couldn’t get enough and wrote several epic novels which were safely stashed away… until now.

Writing romance has given me the training in story craft and business I need. Now the hard work really starts. Maybe I can use those old ideas? Maybe I can’t. But they are a start on my quest.

*picks up rucksack and stout stick and checks water and boots.* Away we go!



6 thoughts on “Reconnecting with my Teenage Self  

  1. I understand completely! Enjoy! You need to go where your muse leads and you now know how to write a compelling story which is half of the battle.

    I am currently working on my first historical fiction rather than historical romance. It does feel like a breath of fresh air.

  2. Yes, I remember those yellow science fiction books. Mainly short stories? I love science fiction but haven’t read any for years. I always used to read anything of Asimov’s I could find and Arthur C. Clarke too. I don’t remember there being many women in the stories though (Apart from Anne McCaffrey’s Crystal Singer, but that didn’t seem to matter because they were so gripping.
    Wish you lots of success with writing science fiction. Dying to read the finished result. Hope you keep us updated on your progress.

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