Reviews for ‘Always the Bridesmaid’

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And now for some shameless self-promotion.

I have Reviews! And the book has not been published for the mass market yet! Available HERE and HERE.

* E-Harlequin Forum has a review from  ‘sheanddeen’ which includes “Harrington writes a sweet confection of a romance story. Both h/H are strong but nice characters. I loved this story.”

* The Pink Heart Society gives the book 4 Stars. And thank you Joanne Cleary for saying ” I look forward to reading this author’s next release… and her next…and her next. It truly is a stunning debut with characters that will remain in your thoughts long after you have closed the book.”

AND – MOST exciting. Romantic Times has given Amy and Jared’s story a FOUR star rating – compelling and a page turner.

I am totally thrilled! You send your baby out into the world and you don’t truly know whether they are going to be bullied or loved. All ammunition for the crows which are circling around my new book. More to follow.

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  1. Thank you Julie and Jan. I am very excited about the launch – and more than a little anxious – hope you both enjoy the book. x Mwha back.

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