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I may have sold ten books to Harlequin but I still feel that having a book actually in print and on release around the world is a bit like sending your child to school for the first time.







Will they  make friends? Will the other children mock their love of cartoon fairy tales? Will they have to sit alone at the lunch table?…

So it is a delight when readers and reviewers take the time to tell you that they enjoyed reading how the two characters you dreamt up in the back bedroom of your little house in a small town in England fall in love and make a life.

Of course some people may want more sensuality in their RIVA, or less, or more international settings, or less, or more alpha male, or less.  But it is good to know that my story has touched the hearts of some readers. Thank you ladies. Sniff.

Many thanks to Julie Bonello at Cataromance Magazine for her lovely review of ‘Blind Date Rivals.’

Here is a snippet: “Nina Harrington pens fun, flirty and fast-paced contemporary romances that pack an emotional punch and Blind-Date Rivals is a fantastic story about learning to trust, facing up to the past and falling in love that will touch readers’ hearts and have them laughing out loud. Sara is a wonderful heroine readers will root for and Leo is a deliciously attractive hero no woman will be able to resist.

Imbued with humour, pathos and heart, Blind-Date Rivals is a heartwarming and feel-good contemporary romance from the talented Nina Harrington!”

And here is a quote from the Romantic Times Magazine : November 2011. 4 star Review.

“Harrington’s latest novel is fast paced and fun. Her characters are interesting and their predicament is believable. While waiting for a blind date at her best friend’s birthday party, florist Sara Fenchurch meets an intriguing man. After several dances, she learns that he is her blind date. The problem? Leo Grainger describes this desperate woman he is supposed to meet in such unflattering terms that an embarrassed Sara excuses herself from the party without telling him who she is. The situation quickly worsens when, unbeknownst to Leo, his family’s hotel company tries to evict Sara.”

And thanks to the lovely Judy Jarvie for saying on GoodReads:

I loved this book. Both hero (drop dead gorgeous) and heroine (wanted to be her) had me drooling from the off. If you like an absorbing, feel-good read that you can snuggle into like a furry blanket and enjoy to the final sip – go for Blind Date Rivals. A very satisfying read. Put time aside to finish it like a glutton.”

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