Revisions again

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My lovely editor has given me lots of feedback on the novella I submitted at the end of last month.

Since this is my very first novella, I suspected that I had tried too hard to cram in the emotional intensity of a novel inside half the word count.

Yup. Spot on. More conflict that Iraq and the poor heroine deserves a humanitarian award for all the trauma that she has suffered in her life. And my hero? Ah. Too many girls telling him what to do.

So back to the manuscript and reworking the story to focus on the key elements which 25,000 words can sustain without overload.

Why do I make life so complicated for myself? Answers on a postcard please.

Off back into the cave. I may be some time….

2 thoughts on “Revisions again

  1. You can do eeeet. They say the learning is in the putting it right (I’m trying to put rather a lot right myself right now). If only there was a revision swingometer I could plug in to see if it’s on the right track.
    Love the new look website.

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