RNA Pure Passion Awards Lunch 2010

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Well I did not win the Love Story of the Year Award – but my good pal Nell Dixon did for Animal Instincts!

Hurrah for Nell and sniff, next year for me. LOL.

Doesn’t Nell look fantastic?

All of the authors agreed when we met up for the photos before the lunch, that just being shortlisted for the Love Story of the Year was such a wonderful achievement in itself- especially since the books were chosen by readers.

And for me? Being shortlisted for my very first published book was extra special.

I had a blast.

Key highlights? 

I owe a huge debt of gratitude to my editors at Mills and boon, Kimberley Young and Jenny Hutton, below, who took the chance on me as an unknown author through the RNA New Writers scheme and worked with me for 2 yrs to create ‘Always the Bridemaid’ . They deserve to smile and share the celebration of that first book being shortlisted for a national award.

The dining room was packed, Joanna Trollope was on the next table, and I had a great chance to chat with Joanne Grant – the editor who is now heading up the Romance line, while enjoying the great food, wine and ambiance of the event.  Jo always looks so stunning and was just as excited as I was about the award.

And she has great taste in shoes.

 Mine are on the left, Jo’s on the right.

Barry Norman was the guest presenter and he was as witty and charming as ever.

But best of all – just been in the company of other writers who are as passionate about the writing and the romance genre as I am – and share the same issues and struggles and concerns.

 Allie Spencer and Fiona Harper were great fun as always

as was my pal Jan Sprenger [ complete with lovely bag] from the Reading chapter of the RNA – waves at Claire Dyer and Julie Cohen who both wore FAB shoes which I was too busy drooling over to take pics of at that moment before they got swallowed up in the great crowds

There will no doubt be excellent coverage of all of the awards during today, but I  had a great time and would recommend the event to anyone. There is not pretentious nonsense, no showoffs, no formality – even though the hotel was lovely – just people united to celebrate their love of romance fiction and writers in general. Great stuff.

Back to work today, inspired but worn out in the best way.

14 thoughts on “RNA Pure Passion Awards Lunch 2010

  1. Thank you Debs, Nell, Lacey and Ali. It was a great event and a real celebration of the romance genre in all of its various aspects.

  2. Hi Nina

    It was so good to see you on Tuesday and I am so thrilled you were shortlisted! I thought everyone on those shortlistst deserved a prize. Looking forward to seeing you in May at the summer party? Allie x (ps tried to e-mail but had bounceback!)

  3. It was wonderful to see you and all the books were fab! It is such an honour to have a book chosen by readers for a shortlist – I wish everyone could have won and in a way we all did!

  4. Thank you for the fab post and photos. I was so sorry not to be able to go this year, but fully intend on doing so next year.

    Commiserations on not winning, but many congratulations on being shortlisted.

  5. Oh thank you Caroline. It WAS a fab day. Those are my fav authory shoes – and they simply do not get worn often enough! LOL
    And many, many congrats to you too for your wedding yesterday. 🙂

  6. Thank you Donna – it was a lovely and very special occasion – and extra special for seeing my debut book and name up there on the screen. And you are quite right – Jo does look lovely and it is affirming to be in the company of like minded folks.
    Great fun too! Especially after the pink champagne LOL

  7. Thank you Judy- I do feel very honoured to have been shortlisted by the most important people -the readers. ANd many thanks for your kind words about the outfit. 🙂

  8. It was a fab day, wasn’t it? And so proud of you for being up there in the nominations.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the buzz of the event and the food was delish – especially the chocolate dessert, which was not only a culinary masterpiece but a feat of technicality – how did they make that white chocolate ‘tumbler’?


  9. Everyone looks so lovely! It is one of those days where you get to feel glam and dress up and being with other romance writers is so affirming, don’t you think?

    And yes, Jo ALWAYS looks stunning. Sigh.

    Congrats on being shortlisted. I always say I never know who to root for because the field is typically filled with wonderful writers and friends. 🙂 I am very happy for Nell and wtg you for making such a splash with your debut!

  10. Apart from a quick hello, we didn’t get time to speak! Such is the way of such gatherings. However, there are always the chapter lunches.

    I thought it a really enjoyable event – I rolled home at 10.30 – and I’m now looking forward to the next RNA get-together.

    As for the winners of each category, in my book everyone who was shortlisted was a winner!

  11. Ah Nina what a fab post. You are absolutely right, being shortlisted is a HUGE honour and MAJOR! Be rightly proud. Your outfit, tres tres chic. It looks like you had a phenomenal day! Which you rightly deserve.
    p.s. Kewl shoes and handbags in abundance. And Nell looks lovely in lavender. Sigh wish I’d been there just to soak it all up.

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