Romance Writers of America Conference Handouts

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Want a great resource and excellent excuse for procrastination?

The Romance Writers of America Website has loaded some of the handouts from their recent Conference which are free to read and download.

Some of the handouts are only made up of bullet points, but many have enough valuable content to be worth your time. And there are dozens! Many from top speakers and professionals.

I have printed out several of these handouts, AND if you really want to create a library to read on the sunlounger, some of the Handouts from previous Conferences are also on the same page, and the list of speakers is amazing.

One key learning point for me is that every snippet of extra craft information that I can pick up on my journey is never wasted. Every time I get stuck or frustrated, I know that I have folders of reference material from the viewpoint of other professionals who have been there before and have something to say which might just spark an idea.

These sorts of handouts are so useful for that. Short. Powerful. Insightful. And Free. I like that.

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  1. You are most welcome Debs. I did think of ordering the DVD/ transcript of the talks, but decided that it would HUGE procrastination. Need to write 🙂

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