Still alive! And with a new book cover

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Apologies for the lack of updates but I was quite determined to make the third book in my mini series for RIVA the best book yet – and it was due end October.

I submitted it by the skin of my teeth Рon 31st October. So huge sigh of relief.

But I am now in catch up mode after a few weeks of intensive work.

VERY excitingly I have my new cover for the US Harlequin Romance release of ‘ When Chocolate is not Enough,’ in January 2013.


I am rather nostalgic about this cover, since from February my RIVA titles will be released under the new KISS line which has very different covers which are bright and vibrant Рreflecting the fun and flirty tone of the stories. Brilliant! You can find out more on the Harlequin Blog.

I cannot wait to see my first KISS cover but will have to wait until June.

2013 – now doesn’t that sound scary? These past 6 months seem to have passed in a complete blur. Now back to that catch up list – which is even more scary!

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