The advantages of writing in bed

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Here in the UK the Guardian newspaper has an article about the merits and adantages of writing in bed.

I am delighted to see that so many of what we now call literary greats wrote in bed – whether by hand or their type writers propped up on a pillow.

Substitute a lap top/ notebook computer or a clean pad of paper and your favourite crayons and not that much has changed really. I used to always write the first draft by hand until I discovered my notebook – but still freewrite tricky sections. There really is something very special about the sensory smell, sound and feel of a pencil scratching on thick good paper.

But there is one essential item of office equipment which has made a huge difference in my writing life.

I resisted getting one. I really did. Too old fashioned I said. Too cumbersome and uncool I said. Sigh. What am I talking about? The lap tray of  course. That part cushion part solid tray device which prevents your laptop from burning your knees in bed and your pens from doing nasty things to your lovely bed linen.

I did resist the fluffy kittens or cute nana trays. Lovely though they are – Mr Nina also borrows the lap tray so it had to be unsex. 

Also design your own and the kind with legs.

The end result? A brown leatherette hard wood frame bean bag tray from Cargo. Not fluffy. More chunky. And it works a treat.

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