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Today I am blogging over at the Pink Heart Society on the fascinating subject of how to combine sensual experiences through words on the page. Seriously challenging.

While having a little [ cough ] down time from the final light revisions I need to complete for book 4 for the Mills and Boon Romance Line.

All writing is re-writing, but sometimes it is tough to build up the momentum.

In my mind, writing a romance is like going to stay with a couple and share their lives for a few weeks or months.  Then you come home and do the laundry and go travelling again.

Re-writing is then like having to dash back because you left your handbag in the wardrobe [ done that before] or you forgot to quiz them in even more detail about their lives, and you have to reconnect to this couple who sometimes are not too keen on seeing you again since your last visit, when you made them rehash all of the pain that had to go through to be together.

Has to be done. Back to the mantras. Time is short. Keep smiling one and all.

ps. snow may have melted, but why have the Post Office not delivered two amazon and one mail order packages which were shipped over a week ago?

Keep smiling. Find the joy. 🙂

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  1. Thank you Debs. I am still visiting at the moment and I think they are about to whip the welcome mat out from under my feet. LOL

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