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Then this is your chance to become part of the booming market for short digital romance fiction.

Over the past seven years, I have created 18 award-winning romance novels for two international publishers and over 1.2 million copies have been sold in 28 countries around the world in 23 languages.

So many of use enjoy reading on tablets and smartphones and that trend looks certain to continue. But that does impact on the type of books that work best on these devices.

I am going to stick my neck out here and say that shorter genre popular fiction is going to become the norm for online reading. Beautiful printed books will be our secret pleasure for longer reads and reference.

The good news is that romance fiction is as popular as it has ever been.
Just look at the Amazon Bestsellers top 100 paid list. It is dominated by romance titles.

Writing short romance Kindle books is an ideal home-based business, with minimal start-up costs.

You work where and when you choose, writing the kind of romance stories that you love to read –and then publish them for free!
What’s more, short fiction is fast to both read and to write. No more procrastination!

 You can create passive income from day one with short romance stories that only took you a few hours to write.

This eBook guides you through an intense Masterclass on the key techniques that you need to start writing short romance fiction, which you can then publish on the Amazon Kindle platform.

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As a professional romance author, I have broken down the process of writing romance fiction into:

  • A complete nine-step plan packed with the essential information you need to write your own short romance fiction, from understanding the different types of romance categories through to advanced story structure.
  • A proven six-layer character development technique to help you to create compelling three-dimensional characters readers will love!

As a bonus, I have included a section with practical advice on how to transform your manuscript into an eBook.

This detailed Fast-Track guide has been designed to be around 40 minutes long, which means that there is no filler, just quality information from the start.

Your complete starter plan is written in straightforward language and each step has been tried and tested. I know that it works because this is the system that I use to create my own award winning romance fiction!

Take a risk and learn How to Write Short Romance Kindle Books today – it could be the key to a new career and a brilliant entrepreneurial small business.
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How to Write Short Romance Kindle Books: A 40 Minute MASTERCLASS