30 DAY BOOK LAUNCH plan-cover

Have you written a brilliant eBook and you want to publish it online?

That’s a great idea!
Publishing an eBook is a fast-track way to generate a passive income and build up your authority brand as an author publisher entrepreneur at the same time.
In fact, it is such a great idea that you have decided to finish your final draft, smarten up the manuscript in the next few evenings and knock up a snazzy eBook cover by fiddling with your office software. How hard can it be?

STOP! Please don’t make a HUGE mistake.

Actually, this is one of the biggest mistakes that any self-published author can make.

I know that you cannot wait to press that publish button and see your book in the Kindle store! The whole book could go on sale in days!
The hard fact is that 90% of making any book a success is in the execution. Only 10% is the creative idea and the content.
By rushing ahead, you run the risk of missing steps, making mistakes and adding stress and anxiety into the publishing process.

Change that.

This complete Launch Plan gives you a reliable, tested and proven 30 Day Plan that takes you through all of the steps that you need to take to launch your own eBook.
The plan includes comprehensive weekly checklists that I have personally used many times to take every manuscript from a final draft to an eBook which is on sale and earning an income – within a month.
The same principles apply whether your book is a digital only eBook or a print on demand title or both. This plan is completely flexible.
By breaking the whole process down into weekly action plans you can quickly build up the expertise and knowledge to create and publish a whole series of eBooks, generating more passive income and growing your business, month after month.
You can publish faster and more effectively and use the time you have saved to write more books.
Achieve your goals by working smarter, not harder.

This complete Book Launch Plan gives you:
•A detailed step-by-step plan so that you always know what to do and when.
•The steps are broken down into four work strands which weave together to create a unique and comprehensive powerful launch plan.
•There are lists of all of the steps that you need to complete to: Create your Manuscript, Build your eBook, Publish your eBook and then help readers to find your book through Marketing and Promotion.
•Four weekly action plans with 20 milestones along the way.
•Options for fiction and non-fiction authors to help you customise your launch plan for your work.
•Professional tips on how to promote and market your book to your audience, both before and after your eBook is published.

Instead of being overwhelmed by all of the information you need to understand to launch your eBook, you are going to feel totally in control of your launch and enjoying making it happen.
All of the lengthy research has been done for you!
Increase your productivity from the start.

30 DAY BOOK LAUNCH plan-cover
This is what you have been waiting for! Your eBook! Your success!

Grab a copy of the 30 Day Launch Plan now-