What a fabulous RNA Conference 2013

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What a blast this conference was. And I am not just talking about the hot weather.

The venue at Sheffield was lovely and probably the best so far of any of the conferences I have attended, especially in terms of the student accomodation.

Shame the air conditioning let us down – but of course that was a perfect excuse for sitting outside in the balmy warm weather enjoying a glass of chilled white wine with friends and editors. Most of whom I had not met all year and some I was meeting for the first time.

Here I am with the lovely Carina editor Lucy Gilmour who has photo credit. And of course I am the one with the wine in her hand … snigger.

Fantastic fun! 

And what about that swag! This is why my suitcase was so heavy dragging it onto the underground at St Pancras yesterday. Perfect reading for my hols at the end of the month.

The workshops and presentations were thought provoking and challenging which is not a bad thing.  I know that I came away with a greater sense of clarity about where I want to go in my writing and what I am going to do to make this happen.

Which was especially pertinent since I had volunteered to present a short talk on my personal battle against Procrastination and I was happy to share some of the tools and techniques I have used to increase my productivity and help me realise my potential.

The audience were extremely kind and generous with their feedback. Especially since it was held at 9am on the morning after the conference dinner!

Several of the delegates have asked me for a copy of the presentation I gave on Sunday.

I am happy to share these notes with you on a personal basis but I would grateful if you did not share them. I have become FASCINATED by this topic of Procrastination and creativity. So fascinated that at some point I may very well expand the presentation into a non fiction book. [Once my current 6 books have been written of course.]

If you would like a copy of the Slides and Speaking Notes from my RNA presentation on Procrastination, please email me directly at :


or contact me through my websitehttp://www.ninaharrington.com/

and I will send you a word document. 

Please be reassured that I will not spam you or share your email details with anyone.

In the meantime have a great week! 

2 thoughts on “What a fabulous RNA Conference 2013

  1. It works! I was tired tonight, but was determined to try my hour and I did it! Thank you so much and yes, you should write the book. Mx

  2. Hi. It was lovely to chat with you (even if only very briefly) and I’m so sorry that I could not make your session, especially as I heard such great comments about it. Hopefully we’ll meet again soon. x

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