What Makes You Decide to Buy a Book?

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Just spotted this interesting article by Tucker Max on the criteria bookstore browsers use before they decide to pick up/ read an online sample and then buy a book.

Having thought about it, I would probably agree but add in the extra factor of awareness of previous work by the same author. How about you? What makes you decide to pick up a book?

Image Credit to http://bookinabox.com with this graphic.

How People REALLY Judge a Book


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2 thoughts on “What Makes You Decide to Buy a Book?

  1. Pretty much, but whether I know the author and am desperate for his/her latest is also a factor. I have been known to buy hardback books the day they’re published. I did wince at bit at an ebook I pre-ordered this week but it didn’t stop me. Still less than my newspapers for the week. Bargain…

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