Wild alpine flowers

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Since I am still working away on polishing the revisions to my latest Romance Line book, and quite determined to have it with my editor before the RNA Conference on Friday, here are a few photos of the alpine flowers I love so much.

It truly is amazing to see these brave little blooms peeking out only inches away from melting ice and snow. They may be small but so wonderful to see against the hard landscape.

Happy Monday.


3 thoughts on “Wild alpine flowers

  1. Hi Lacey
    The blue flowers are alpine gentian. They are not as common in this part of France as the pansies but I have also seen them in larger clumps in Switzerland. I think they may be available from big garden centres who sell alpines for rock gardens.
    And yes, I agree they are a stunning colour especially since they grown in small patches among the paler colours and not far from snow.
    Hope you find some! Love, Nina

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