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One of my ideas for 2011 is to make an Online record of the books I read – fiction and non-fiction during the year, so I am reinstating my old practice of noting what I am reading and doing with my WIP – as of today. So here goes.

Reading: Secrets to the Grave by Tami Hoag.








Working on : A RIVA story about an Internation Yachtsman and an  IT guru with a past together. Right now I have a first draft which is not working as well as I want and frankly feels flat – so I have just started editing by:

* rewriting the first three chapters to completely change the voice and opening style and up the wittiness. I have set myself a few days to edit the whole manuscript so I need to kick off with just the right tone. This is RIVA and I don’t want a flat and dull opening

* focus on the most fundamental inner conflict for each of the heroes which emerged from the draft. And interestingly was not the first and most obvious conflict I had first planned – this was another level. The deepest level – but I don’t want to hide them for the reader

* from those fundamental internal conflicts – rethink how to express the character arc for both the hero and the heroine. I already know that the goal my heroine wants passionately at the beginning turns out to be the very last thing she needs in her life by the end. And this remarkable girl will turn what the hero wanted on its head and see it in a new light.

And I want all this done by next Monday.

And I have a new summer house being delivered on Friday.

Good game. LOL

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  1. Thank you Lacey- you are very kind. I have two solid days of work ahead – but I think I can do it before Friday lunch and read through in the evenings after I have spent the whole day lugging 4.5 metre logs into position. On the other hand I might only have the energy to lift a wine glass. LOL

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