Writer at work. And Launch Party Contest Winners.

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Thank you all for the feedback re my notes from the RNA Conference – I am delighted that people found them useful.

SO much to think through. Head still spinning.

Now all I have to do is put this good advice to use in my current book! So I am off line for a few days to focus on layering and strengthening my work.

This involves use of checklists and challenge questions I have come up with over the past few years to help with the rewriting process, and yes, they are SERIOUSLY challenging. Courage ma brave. Courage.


In the meantime I have collected together the entries from my Launch Party Contests and chosen the winners at random. As a scientist I know that I should have used some cunning statistical program, but there is nothing quite like folded pieces of paper and rummaging inside a tossed poly bag with your eyes closed.

Thank you all SO much for contributing and making my launch day so special.

 *First: A signed copy of ‘Always the Bridesmaid’ and a signed cover flat of the US cover.

Question: What kind of Bakery does Amy Edler run in ‘Always the Bridesmaid’?

Answer: An Austrian Bakery/Patisserie where she makes chocolate wedding cakes.

 And the three lucky winners are: Eva Silkha, Jackie McGee and Debs Carr – who will be receiving an e-mail from me asking for their mailing address. Congratulations and I do hope that you enjoy the book.

*Second: Win a Signed Book from a Celebrity Mystery Guest

Question: Tell me the title of your favourite Mills and Boon book. Ever.

And the winner is: Romy Sommer – who chose Liz Fielding’s “The Bride’s Baby”. Brilliant choice Romy. I shall be sending you an e-mail asking for your mailing address so I can tell my celebrity guest who to send the book to.

Many thanks again to everyone who entered the contests.

Happy writing.

4 thoughts on “Writer at work. And Launch Party Contest Winners.

  1. Hi Nina. I’m new to your blog site – but have now added it to “my favourites”. I found the RNA tips and advice that you’ve posted most helpful – so thanks for all the insights. I had hoped to get to the RNA conference this year – but it never happened! Will try and make it next year. Also belated congrats on the publication of your first HM&B book. I imagine you are still on cloud 9 – I know I would be! Take care. Caroline x

  2. Dear Ms. Harrington,

    I am an avid romance reader, although I started reading romance novels at 15years 🙁 (legally, earlier I used to hide it under my pillow or else my mother would skin me alive).
    Being in India, I’d probably be able to read your book only a little later. 🙁
    But I’ve already told the nearby bookstores to inform me when your book comes out 🙂
    Reading romance novels also did have a ‘bad influence’ on me or so my man says. He says I expect a little too much from him at times. Apparently I even say “Can’t you be like Jason?” or “How I wish I was in love with Rafael!!”
    But the sweetheart that he is, he always bears with me 🙂 🙂

    I’m pursuing my Master’s in communication and right now I’m working on a thesis. My professor knowing me so well gave me a topic I totally love. ‘The last 50 years of romance novels’.
    I’ve already started working on my thesis. I will be analysing Harlequinn Mills and Boon, Silhouette and Avon publications and would be studying the plot changes and character changes and differences mainly.
    If you could help me in anyway in collecting some data for my thesis I would be really grateful. The library and local bookstores nearby only have the last 20 years’ romance novels on their shelves.

    I’m in dire need of help. :'(
    Please help me!!


  3. Sooo thrilled, to be a winner. Thank you so much. I can’t wait to receive my prize, and to read your book.

    What a wonderful end to an otherwise dull Monday, thanks.

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