Writing Spaces

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Ever wondered where writers create their fabulous heroes and heroines?

A lonely cabin in the woods? A beach hut with palm trees overhead?

Not quite, alas. The Harlequin Romance authors have been brave enough to share their writing spaces this week- so do pop over and take a peek HERE.

My space has changed over the years – I started off in the smallest baby room in the house and ended in one of the spare bedrooms where there is enough space for my sofa and my books! Result!

And one very special extra – wall space where I can display some of the brilliant book covers I have been published in over the past 3 years for the first 10 books. Very special.






2 thoughts on “Writing Spaces

    1. Thanks Liz, but I usually have so many projects on the go at any one time that my desk would look like a paper recycling centre without some organisation. Hence the white board and the box files. Feeble attempt to wrestle some control LOL.

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