Author Copies! Some things never get old.

Years ago when I was a Dilbert style open plan office cubicle worker, I could not have imagined a life where I can work from home and control my career and my day.

Or just how exiting it is, even after 5 years as a Harlequin author, to open a box and find paperback and hardback author copies of books with my name on the cover.

It really is dance around the kitchen special.


New Books!

Dare I say it, but I actually like the US KISS cover a little more, since it reveals a little more of my lovely hero and heroine in the intimate scene on the London roof garden with the city lights spread out before them.

us electronic KISS


But these author copies are also touched with a little sadness, since this will be my last title for the Harlequin KISS line in the US – electronic only – and probably Modern Tempted in the UK.

 Back to the old business head again. “Change is the normal.”

Look out for  ‘Who is Afraid of the Big Bad Boss’- July 2014!

Enemies make the best lovers… 

Scott Elstrom craves freedom, adventure and exploration…so leaving the wilds of Alaska behind to save the family company isn’t top on his list of priorities! And getting the traditional CEO portrait painted by one feisty, quirky, sexy fireball? Not in a million years! 

Antonia Baldoni needs this commission. Just because the new boss won’t play along, it doesn’t mean she’ll back down! But suddenly Toni’s not sure if it’s determination that’s got her pulse racing—or something altogether less appropriate! Trouble is, this battle of wills is not so much hard work—it’s a lot more like fun!