Back in the UK

I know how frustrating it is when lovely people go on fabulous holidays JUST when the majority of other people have finished theirs – so I will simply say that we had a most amazing week in stunning Swiss countryside – and for the most part, lovely sunshine.

A sudden thunderstorm one evening dropped just enough snow and hailstone at high altitude to ice the tops of  the peaks and give them a dramatic edge.

I have only been to western Switzerland before, so this was our first trip to the much wilder and more rural eastern side close to Zurich. This is truly the landscape of forests where Fairy Tales could come true at any minute.

And it also has great hotels which pamper you and provide lovely dinners. Swiss wine is terrific – but made in such small quantities that most growers sell their entire production to local hotels and restaurants. Not even the local shops! So of course I was obliged to sample the entire range since it is impossible to taste it anywhere else.

Which is probably why I walked at least 75 miles in the week [ pedometer only on during proper hikes] and still managed to only lose ONE pound from the blubber. Sigh.

I am now in culture shock [ and the train and flight and bus home was a VERY Long and exhausting journey] so I shall force holiday pics on you.

Then I have to do my first tax return as a self-employed writer [ EEEKK!].

5 thoughts on “Back in the UK

  1. Thank you ladies – it is good to be back in contact with the ‘real’world. And extra thanks for your kind words Judy – sprite MIGHT be pushing it… LOL> And yes, the Swiss boys are hunky. As for as Swiss book? Nothing planned … yet. 🙂

  2. Welcome back. Er…what blubber? You’re a nymph and a sprite with a veritable heroine’s figure. So don’t doubt it.

    Glad you had a fab time. Oooh Swiss Wine. And Swiss choc. Great combo. If you need more inspiration, the Swiss Army band drummers at the EdinTattoo were holy smoke hawt! Swiss book ahoy, Nina and I want first read. Gimme, gimme! jx

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