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Hello from sunny Hampshire, UK.

My new book, Become a Fearless Writer, which launches today, is my 34th book in 8 years.

But I wasn’t always so prolific or successful. Far from it!

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In 2013 I found myself in a rather special situation which was both exciting and terrifying.

I had just signed a contract to write another three romance novels for Harlequin when an opportunity came out of the blue. Harlequin introduced a new digital first publishing line called Carina UK.

Lightbulbs started popping over my head.

Here was the chance to create a novel-length romantic crime book but with the full editorial and marketing support of a traditional publisher. Plus the royalty rates and publication package were very competitive and attractive.

So I sent a submission package into my editor, expecting it to take months for them to get back to me. Oh no. Two weeks later, I was offered a three-book contract with Carina UK.

Brilliant! This was exactly what I had been working for since I gave up my career as a scientist in the pharmaceutical industry.

And then the revision letter for my submission arrived, and the hard reality of my workload hit me smack in the face like a bucket of ice water.

I had already committed to write three 50,000 word romance novels for Harlequin that year, and now I had two 75,000 word Carina books to write in the next 12 months, plus a lot of work to do revising the first 80,000-word book for Carina. And the revisions had to be back in 2 weeks.

Deep breath.

I knew that I could do it, if I managed my time and energy. But first I was going to have to face the greatest challenge of my life.

Every one of the books that I had written until that point had been hard won in a daily battle with self-inflicted self-sabotage and expert distraction seeking avoidance tactics.

In other words, my chronic procrastination.

Now it was crunch time.

This was my dream. This was why I had taken a huge risk and left my well-paid job as an industrial scientist, and by that time had sacrificed about $450,000 of income and benefits on the altar of my fantasy of being a published fiction author.

There was no choice. I needed a battle plan – and I needed one fast.

My goals were simple.

I had to develop a system which would allow me to increase my productivity,  eliminate time wasting, overwhelm and burnout, where I could stop worrying about word count and get back to enjoying the writing.

What did I learn?

There is a way to break free from the procrastination cycle, but you need to have the tools and techniques which will make that possible.

That’s why I have created ‘Become a Fearless Writer: How to Stop Procrastinating, Break Free of Self-Doubt and Build a Profitable Career.’

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This book is a compilation of the key concepts and tools that I borrowed from a wide range of sources, and how I used these techniques to transform my writing life.

Over the past few years, I have personally tested every technique to make sure that they work when I need them most.

  1. MOTIVATION and the Success MINDSET. Finding your True North. Everything starts with your WHY. Everything.

  2. ACCEPTANCE of your current situation and your unique strengths, and the truth about the underlying mental brain chatter holding you back. Self-Awareness about WHO you are now, and how you came to be here, and WHO you want to become. Limiting self-beliefs and self-talk will always be with you, but you can control them and come out fighting with a powerful feeling of self-worth and self-mastery. Your unique strengths will guide the way.

  3. The GAP between where you are at this moment in your life and where you want to go. Your personal list of dream results and objectives. Your future self. Working backwards from the end result so that you know what steps you need to take to create your unique ideal future.

  4. IMPLEMENTATION. Lists and dream objectives are useless without action. Think of this as an experiment. A fun game, where you are trying out new things. WHAT you are going to do, and in what order, so that you can work smarter and faster. Execution and consistency are everything

  5. COMMITMENT. WHEN are you going to get started on your Implementation plan? We all have amazing ideas for projects and stories but how many of us bring those ideas to life? You may have to develop new routines and that can take time, so the sooner you can get started the better.

By the end of the book, you will have the tools and techniques and the confidence you need to break out of the procrastination cycle and transform your productivity, so that you can share your stories and writing with your readers.

I have used the MAGIC system to stop procrastinating and leverage the power of motivation in my life. Now, this is your chance to use the same proven system.

Would you like to know how to Become a Fearless Writer?


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Please don’t allow procrastination, limiting beliefs and overwhelm to make your life more complicated and stressed. Take action today to make it happen.

I hope that you enjoy the book.

Have a great day as a Fearless Writer!

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