Bestselling Authors of the last 10 years


As we approach the end of 2009 [ which I cannot bring myself to believe quite just yet], The Bookseller Magazine has compiled a survey of the Bestselling Authors of the Noughties.

The top 20 authors are:

1. J K Rowling

2. Dan Brown

3. Roger Hargreaves [ Mr Men books]

4. Jaqueline Wilson

5. Richard Parsons [ GCSE Guides]

6. Terry Pratchett

7. John Grishom

8. Danielle Steel

9. James Patterson

10. Jamie Oliver

11. Daisy Meadows [ groups of authors creating Rainbow Magic Books]

12. Enid Blyton

Revelations for me?

* I don’t know who Roger Hargreaves, Richard Parsons and Daisy Meadows are. Hence the brackets after their names.  I am stunned how successful they have been and I am oblivious.

* There is still a huge number of books being sold and the largest sales are for genre fiction. No doubt about it. And the biggest winners are without doubt children’s books.

* The number of books sold by these top 12 authors. Staggering.

Well done to all of the authors.

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  1. Daisy meadows is a group of authors who wrote fairy books and kids love them…on the of the authors Sue Mongrien now writes adult books under the name Lucy Diamond.


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