Blog Headers

My latest revisions are now with my editor = big sigh of relief.

Nail biting can now begin in earnest – so in order to distract myself it is time to work on a new banner for my website and blog before going back to the novella which is due in 2 weeks.

There are so many styles and fonts and graphics to chose from – so how do you brand yourself?

As  a total professional? No hint of personality – just plain font or more personal and quirky to hint at the witty and eccentric side?

And at the end of the day – what message am I trying to convey?

Um. A lot to consider.

2 thoughts on “Blog Headers

  1. Hard one.
    I like the tweety birds. Makes me think of chirpy (which is you!)
    My blog’s a bit uninspiring. I think I need a stylist. jx

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